22 thoughts on “Video: I’m The Mailman-Part 2 RAP

  1. Hats off to this dude for his courageous act and to all you playa haters who dont seems to get his message; you can all go to hell. This is a free country and the dude has a right to express himself the way he did. kudos!

  2. Pete, your a DICK! You wouldn’t last a friggin’ day doing our job. Too bad we can’t shoot stupid people. From a fellow WHITE carrier in PA, nice job. It had to be, you pinched a few nerves on here. I love it. Screw management!

  3. This is the Plan:
    Sun in the Sand
    Drink in My Hand
    Girls with the Fan
    Keeping me Cool
    When the Weather is Hot
    Cause it Gots what it takes
    And it takes what I got
    Im Coolin

  4. Hey Terrel.
    Si you had to get your mind right but from the remix I can tell that the first lobotomy wasn’t successful. Any plans for a second? Just wondering. You make to much money obviously wasting your time and money you big Mail Dummy.

  5. He just needs some bass behind the track and more drums……but its what he is talking about is the key!!

  6. Excellent job my black brother! You speak a lot of truth in them lyrics! Yeah I dont think our boss Pete really wants to bet his salary

  7. There’s a whole lot of truth in his song; ask anyone who’s a postal carrier. I think he hit a nerve on Pete who sounds like a “mgr?” with his head in the sand.

  8. My, my, my, how low we have fallen. If Postal employees can’t wear uniforms to Bingo, or the local bar, is it lawful to wear the uniform for this crap?

  9. I will bet ONE YEAR of my management salary that he wrote the lyrics to this song ON HIS ROUTE when he was supposed to be delivering mail…Any takers?

  10. You SUCK… You’re lucky you have a day job…Hit the street loser…Don’t forget your shortakes…lmao

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