APWU to Develop New Web-Based Grievance System

100 Locals Needed to Participate in Pilot

The APWU is developing a new web-based grievance system to improve the efficiency of our grievance procedure, and plans are underway to begin a pilot to test the program in August. The goal of the program is to eliminate the need for paper grievances at the earliest steps of the process, reduce repetitive data entries, and encourage “green” initiatives. Eliminating paper grievances will allow the union to reduce storage space requirements and the costs associated with copying, mailing, and retaining paper files. It also will enable the union to better protect our members’ privacy.

Using “cloud” technology, the new system will allow users to fill out grievance forms, save them electronically, and add documentation throughout each step of the grievance procedure. Currently, paper files are utilized until grievances are appealed to Step 3.

Authorized users at various steps of the process, including stewards, National Business Agents and others, will have the ability to access the system.

A committee of national and local officers has been formed to provide input as the program is developed. Members of the e-Appeal Committee will monitor the program’s progress, and act as troubleshooters. The committee is comprised of: Idowu Balogun, Maintenance Division National Representative-at-Large, Chair; Marty Barron, Clerk Division NBA, Western Region; Ken Prinz, Motor Vehicle Service Division NBA, Eastern Region; Lori Ennis, president, Western NY Local; Joe Zamenick, director of Industrial Relations, Phoenix Area Local; and Christina Berrios, secretary-treasurer, West Palm Beach Local.

The pilot program will last one year.

One hundred locals are needed to participate in the pilot program. Interested locals must be prepared to:

  • Appoint an administrator, who will be responsible for authorizing access to the program for local stewards and officers and designating their appropriate level of access.
  • Have access to a computer and Internet outside of the USPS network.
  • Have access to a printer or scanner with the ability to convert documents to PDF.
  • Commit to use the new program exclusively for all grievances filed by the local, regardless of craft.
  • Provide written feedback about the program, including concerns and ideas for improvement.
  • Provide feedback to the e-Appeal Committee at regular intervals at e-Appeal@apwu.org.

Complete the attached form [PDF] and send it to e-Appeal@apwu.org or fax it to 202-371-0992.

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  1. Muss I die?!!!!!!! A union [?] of the United States Postal Service and they want to stop MAILING grievances, because they are more interested in being green than the survival of the very titty that they live off of. Guppy, there’s space for you in the rubber room . All you suckers that are still in the APWU: Your dues are hard at work. Thank you very murch and tell yor wife I axed about our chillwren.

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