USPS Seattle District welcomes second Village Post Office

The Seattle District, where the nation’s first Village Post Office (VPO) in Malone, WA, is located, recently added a second one at Friendly Mart in Steptoe, WA. This is the third VPO in the Western Area and the tenth in the United States since the Malone, WA, VPO opened for business in August 2011. As of February 2012, the Postal Service has received more than 650 VPO inquiries from interested vendors. Nineteen VPOs with contracts are poised to open in the near future, and 46 are currently in negotiations or awaiting evaluations. USPS introduced this expanded access potential replacement for communities either lacking a postal retail facility or affected by retail rationalization efforts


source: USPS News Link

2 thoughts on “USPS Seattle District welcomes second Village Post Office

  1. Two things would bring the PO back to productivity….
    1) Charge a fee for forwarding letters when a 3575 is filled out, perhaps $10 for a specified period, say 12 months for individuals or family, and $50 for a specified period, 12 months also, for businesses. The cost for the PO to rehandle a first class letter is exhorbitant for forwarding mail.
    2) Charge a handing fee ($1 per letter or package) for marking up for postage due.

    The PO needs revenue to keep operating and these are more than fair charges.

  2. Going back to the 1960’s, my Father contracted with the old PO Department to operate a contract PO in an unused corner of our independent drugstore in Los Angeles. My Father’s idea turned a totally unusued corner of our drugstore into the busiest corner of our drugstore in a matter of weeks. The local residents loved it, the workers in the office building above us loved it. We hired the person to run it and the PO Department trained her how to operate it. The PO Department came arouind twice a day and picked up outgoing letters and packages. Yes this was back in the day when twice a day mail delivery was in effect, all for 4 or 5 cents a letter. Everything manually sorted, no LSM’s deployed in Los Angeles in the 1960’s. Now look at everything. Totally automated sorting for letters, flats and packages and the now-USPS is a disaster. Yep bring back the good old days.

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