USPS Bay-Valley District Manager To Retire Effective March 30

The following annoucement was released by Drew T. Aliperto, VICE PRESIDENT, PACIFIC AREA OPERATIONS


SUBJECT: PCES Announcement

Kim Fernandez, District Manager, Bay-Valley District, has informed me that he will retire on March 30, 2012. He has been with the Postal Service for more than 33 years and will be missed for both his analytical mind and a relational leadership style built on integrity and trust.

Kim’s notable postal career began in 1978 in Upland, CA. After only three years as a clerk/carrier, and less than two years as a delivery and collections supervisor, he would be tapped for the management trainee program. His leadership talents were quickly recognized which led to assignments in several management positions in the Santa Ana District, including Montclair
Postmaster, manager of Post Office Operations, and Santa Ana Postmaster. He joined the executive ranks in 1998 as the manager of the Los Angeles International Service Center.

In 2002, Kim headed to northern California as senior plant manager of the San Jose P&DC. Less than two years later he would be named District Manager, Bay-Valley District, a position that would lead to continual acknowledgement for breakthrough performance in improving productivity and managing costs. His achievements would also be appreciated outside the Postal Service when a standardization process he initiated was highlighted in a national management publication.

Kim’s strong leadership skills and proven ability to instill teamwork and foster a positive work environment for all employees resulted in the Bay-Valley District regularly achieving top-tier rankings in many national performance categories.

Although Kim will be adjusting to a new lifestyle full of leisure activity and creative pursuits, I’m sure he will keep postal matters near and dear to his heart while encouraging and supporting his better half as her career continues to unfold.

Please join me in congratulating Kim and in wishing him a rewarding, fulfilling and long-lasting retirement.

Drew T. Aliperto

Kim Fernandez

12 thoughts on “USPS Bay-Valley District Manager To Retire Effective March 30

  1. This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again

  2. Article makes it sound like he zoomed to the top because he was such a talented and brilliant manager. I’ve heard of him when he was in Upland. The stories I heard was that he treated his employees like dirt and was the typical postal supervisor. The kind that would do anything to make himself look good and make his employees look bad. The postal service survives in spite of not because of it’s management.

  3. He is just another affirmative action guy. These people need to move on and realize they are no better than anyone else in the PO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rosemarie Fernandez is Kim’s wife. When I retired she was the Sacramento District Mgr.(I think she may be the SF Dist Mgr now-not sure).

    Whenever Sacramento got backed up she’d send truckloads of mail down to Oakland. Didn’t matter whether or not, we could handle it, we got it as hubby wouldn’t say no.

    Had forgotten about Warner and Debra. Poor guy was just consoling a widow. Still can’t believe that evil Sonia didn’t kill him.

  5. In the words Jackie Gleason, “Whoop Te Do”. People outside of his circle could care less. Please post stuff that is helpful and interesting. Oh that’s right, there’s nothing helpful or interesting about the Postal Service. Just spare us the retirement announcement of PCES, because we do not give a diddly squat. Please keep the sanctity of this blog for the people that actually do the work of the Postal Service. Thank you so much and tell yor mama I said hello.

  6. The guy was horrible!! Did not care about anybody. Just wanted to move up. Completly botched the shooting incident at Dana Point PO. Did nothing to prevent the shooting even though everybody knew the shooter made violent threats.

  7. Mr. Drew Aliperto is a “fellow” total waste of money PCES who apparently wants to give another useless manager a KISS AND A HUG as he goes out the door.
    I am frankly tired of the BULL SHIT from Postal management and this is just another page from their HOLIER THAN THOU play book.
    I’m surprised that this dude didn’t mention that Fernandez lives across the bay and WALKS ACROSS THE WATER TO WORK….

    These two bozos could be abducted by space aliens and their CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARIES COULD HANDLE ALL THEIR WORKLOAD and no one would know the difference….

  8. I greed 100% with the comments expressed regarding the retirement of this
    Kim Fernandez guy.Likely he just was another arrogant manager.who didn’t
    care much for those postal employees that were working at that postal
    plan.and then he was District Manager.whatever jobs he had as postal
    manager likely he got them.due to the fact that he knew somebody in upper
    management who liked him(it doesn’t matter what you know.but,WHO you
    know).most of these guys get into management because they have “friends”
    in higher places.He will not be miss at all.these guys don’t care a bit about
    postal employees.or neither they are superb managers.they are just milking
    the system until retirement day with a big pension check coming to them.
    Also in the Santa Ana District there was another postmaster by the name of
    Rosemarie Fernandez.I wonder is she is related to this guy.anyway,no big
    loss for employees or the Postal Service.

  9. ADIOS and then some… take the golden parachute and run before they cut his retirement that he doesn’t deserve. Something is making them management types head for the hills,otherwise they will just stay on the job to do nothing and get ‘free’ pay and benefits. He is credited with – Break through production & managing costs???? Why is the USPS claiming to be broke?????? Who is the knuckle head that wrote that little piece of crap article??? Bunch of crap a-s-s MDO’s & stupid-visors at Bay Valley. Don’t forget the crap MDO named Andrew Warner that did a Monica (like Clinton) with Debra Townsend, and the plant manager hid Warner in the tower until he retired with full benefits. That’s the kind of crap that goes on at Bay Valley. Guess what? – You know Fernandez was in charge then and did nothing, but protect the ‘good old boys’. Good riddens, there was no improvements at the Bay Valley District. Just a bunch of wasted promtotions for the knuckle heads who went through the ASP program and got their least deserved promotion to be a stupid-visor. Bay Valley is sinking like the rest of the USPS.

  10. I notice a lot of managers are now retiring ! They know when their gravy train is over . They should march them all to jail where they all belong . Integrity ? Not a one of those back stabbers has integrity . Trust ? Who comes up with this sheeot ? Oh the ones in charge . So they make their own standards that they can keep . Not a one has never not got a bonus (pay to screw ).

  11. “PR note: There are a lot of shocked employees in the Bay-Valley District over this announcement.” I doubt it. The writer of the article needs a reality check. Noone except mebbe his immediate co-workers knows who he is or even mildly cares if the guy retires. He’s just another joe in the post office and why his retirement even warrants an announcement online is beyond me. It’s a typical egotistiical assumption on management’s part that people even know their name let alone care what they do. The rank-n-file never see these guys and the upper-level execs see just another dime-a-dozen management member. Mebbe alot of ex-military management members assume that junior ppl memorize their names and position like troops in boot camp do w/ the top brass in the White House (Secretary of the Army, etc). Wrong. I haven’t bothered to remember my own plant managers’ names because they come and go so quickly. I’ve had like 6 or 7 in the 11 years i’ve been there. May as well have swinging doors on the PM office.

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