Burrus: There Are Differences Between Ratified and Final USPS, APWU Contract

The new 2011 national agreement has been printed and circulated, but it is surprising that the differencesbetween the contract that was ratified and the final signed agreement have not been identified and explained.  I leave it to the technicians to describe the changes as inconsequential or major, but it is clear that changes were made to the ratified agreement.
Following are examples of language included in the tentative agreement compared to the final copy.

Tentative Agreement                                               Final Agreement

Art. 1B “for current employees”
Art.1.B. “career employees on the rolls prior to the effective date”
Art. 7 Sec 3
In Memo
Art. 9 Sec 1  “effective Aug 28, 2010”
Effective. date of Agreement May 23, 2011
Art.9 Sec 7   “beginning of Contract”
Effective. Date of Agreement May 23 ‘11
Art. 21 B “for current employees”
Employees on the rolls
Art. 43 “shall be effective. Nov 21, 2010”
Shall be effective  May 23, 2011
Memo – 1.  (page 188) “employee with full-time regular work schedule cannot be assigned”
“All other employees may be reassigned to NTFT”
Memo (page 193)   Alleged prohibition on excessing beyond 50 miles
“If in unusual situations there are insufficient residual vacancies available for placement within fifty (50) miles, the parties will determine what steps may be taken.

I have not fully compared the two documents so this comparison is not provided as complete
The change to the effective date is significant in that the tentative agreement was presented as effective on November 21, 2010 and subject to enforcement effective that date.  The final agreement reflects an effective date of May 23, 2011, six months from the ratified date and any grievances filed on new or changed provisions prior to May 23, 2010 are untimely filed and cannot be refiled at this time because of the obligation to file within 14 days of knowing or “should have known.”  Interpretive grievances are always timely although remedy is subject to the limitations.

APWU members have assembled in the All Craft Conference and dozens of state meetings where this issue could have been explained to mitigate impact.  I perceive that the issue was the cause of the delay in printing the final contract causing an extended “stare down” and somebody blinked.

There is no  logical explanation that I can think of  justifying the cover of the final contract reflecting duration from November 21, 2010 to November 20, 2015 when  on page 277  the signature page reflects “shall be effective” May 23, 2011.  This changes the contract from 4 1/2 years to 4 years, a six month difference.  The 2006 contract was extended to cover November 21, 2006 to May 22, 2011.
Bill Burrus
Burrus Journal

20 thoughts on “Burrus: There Are Differences Between Ratified and Final USPS, APWU Contract

  1. Latest rumor I heard last night at work:
    CSRS employees to get money they contributed into pension in one lump sum payment and take a 2% reduction in retirement pay.

  2. All of these issues starts and ends with the Union. The Union is so hung up on attacking management and blaming them for all of their troubles they are blind to reality. Your issue is the economy, the congress and the union trying to survive as an organization. Think about how much money your top NBA makes and work that they do, in addition think about the lawyers you pay and then you talk about management. Wake up.

  3. come on people, yes that means congress and senators too. The USPS is deliberately rising expenditures to show a loss in order to get congress to agree so that their bigger agenda of privatizing will be closer in reach! The REAL problem with the USPS IS THE management, or lack of Do the math of the millions of dollars THEY alone cost the USPS! Its staggering and really needs to be looked into before allowing ANY closures, The USPS needs to be re-vamped starting with the PMG!!!!

  4. Could anyone expect any different from this corrupt, freeloading, welfare pimps, aka, union management? The only way to get their attention is to cut their pay by cutting your dues off. APWU, use Form 1186, not form 1188.

  5. Bottom line clerks were sold out by an incompetent boob, contract should of never been put in front of the idiots clerks that voted for it. It stunk from day one. I could not believe it was voted in, live and learn. Those idiots probably voted for bush for 2 terms.

  6. You all think that once the post office is gone all will be well. What are you all going to do when the banks, business and such start to charge you a fee for doing anything online or using your bank account to pay your bills online. Once the USPS is gone we are at the mercy of the people that put our country in the finacial hardship we are in now. Always remember once the post office is gone there will be no one to go to but the people who control the internet and the banks. Remember when ATM’s where free now they are between 3 and 5 dollars a transaction.

  7. Someone remind Burrus he had his trivial moment of union glory. There is life after the Post Office, Burrus. Find one. As for the whole never-ending unions vs management debate, they’re BOTH guilty. Neither side has bragging rights or a clean record. And they both create problems for themselves. Come May i’m out of the NPMHU for awhile. My money seems to only go to ensuring the parking space of my worthless union reps and their precious overtime. The union execs can have my money again when they reach way down and find a pair.

  8. The real joke is Spence and Stu Nod. Enough with your ignorant little rants. Total and uder mismanagement put the PO in this predicament, not us worker bees. Lay off the little guys and go after the big boys(girls)!!!

  9. enough for Hurricane Uma.

    But not the gas pump and everything else.

    Grandpas/Grandmas are going bare due to underwear cost going up now days

  10. “What does the P.O. owe you?”

    41 yrs 11 months and/or $50K cash & 80% buyout.

    “And why does the P.O. owe you?”

    Cause im a APWU member/employee and a vet.

    Jack chit? Hes the guy in the photo above this post.

    Did i win?

  11. See NLRB for decertification process. Fill out your PS Form 1188 today, or…keep paying dem dues and dues assessments.

  12. Company? What company? It’s called a service. At least that’s what it is supposed to be. I am retired and I pay union dues as well as a monthly contribution to COPA.If anyone thinks the USPS cares about them, think again. I’ll take the APWU over no union any day.

  13. Hey Inspector,

    Step back and look again. Management and the like are the ones running the USPS into the ground, all their waste of $$$. The Union steps in when management does wrong and calls them on it. Then, management has to pay for their wrong doing. Talk about waste!

  14. APWU is crap, USPS is crap, USPS and so also the unions are gone, the crap will be flushed down the shitter where it belongs, earl outs !, screw the contracts !, the USPS is done,outdated it has to be privatized !, it is a dead place !

    stop the whining it is over, thank GOD!

  15. someone has to govern and protect . If not for the company, there would be no union. Why does management put up with all this chicken chit.
    What does the P.O. owe you? And why does the P.O. owe you? Jack chit is what they owe you, pain in the eas. What an excuse to get off the work floor.
    enough is enough, the unions have contributed to the financial fall.

    BTW, I pay APWU dues and that’s that!

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