USPS Excessing Information for California Mail Processing Facilities

Excessing Information for USPS Mail Processing Centers in California

Article 12 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement requires the USPS to prepare impact statements when operational changes are expected to lead to the involuntary reassignment of APWU-represented employees. These reports must notify the union of the anticipated impact; the number of employees affected by craft; the locations to which employees will be reassigned; and, in the case of a new installation, the anticipated complement by tour and craft. Article 12 requires management to periodically update APWU regional coordinators of any changes to the information provided.

Information was obtained from Omar Gonzalez, APWU Western Region Coordinator. All the facilities listed below are located in California with the exception of Honolulu, HI.


Thanks to Bobby Donelson for the initial list of excessing notices. revised the list.

The following is a  notice sent by USPS to APWU:

As a matter of general interest, the Postal Service is immediately waiving the following driver testing for externally hired bargaining unit employees:

  • Initial Road Test (Exam 804)
  • End of Classroom Test (Exam 805)
  • End of Training Test (Exam 806)

Externally hired employees who were previously required to successfully complete the above-referenced testing must complete the following licensing and training courses:

  • State Driving Record and Valid License Check
  • USPS Defensive Driver Course, Web Based Training (WBT) #4360106
  • Vehicle Familiarization Skills Course, Controlled Drive

Upon successful completion of these courses employees will receive certification by the Driving Safety Instructor.

The subject waiver is in effect until further notice. A waiver of the subject testing for current bargaining unit employees was put into effect on October 7, 2011.

See complete list here


13 thoughts on “USPS Excessing Information for California Mail Processing Facilities

  1. Terry and all the stewards ain’t going nowhere! Meanwhile, you ain’t got superseniority so…you go wherever they want you to go. Suck it up and keep paying dem dues and get that copy of the new contract you voted for…or did you?

  2. What a crock ! Imagine the liability involved . That’s OK , us dumb ol’ money trees will shed that green stuff to keep it afloat till some other money grubbers come along to make The Sevice into a civilian money pit !

  3. We gave up the cola for the promise of not being excessed over 3000 miles

  4. We gave up the cola for the promise of not be excessed over 3000 mlies.

  5. wage slave is right on this one. employees should at least have a choice when it comes to their families wellbeing.

  6. jay son: I don’t know for sure what motivated your posting, but it is a bull shit post.

    Most anyone who is forced into another craft will work hard at keeping their job…even if it means hard physical work….if forced into the Carrier Craft, the constant walking in fact is a strain for a period of time, but you get used to it.

    From personal knowledge of excessing in our area, the issue that takes the biggest toll on the workers forced to jobs in other cities and crafts is NOT PHYSICAL STRAIN but that of DISTANCE and ECONOMICS with a significant number of people who end up resigning because they cannot afford to live in two cities or the because of the daily commute.

    I am disgusted with this madness created by THE PMG, CONGRESS AND THE PMG’S RETHUGLIAN FRIENDS(ISSA/ROSS). Unfortunately for us all, this is only the beginning of a VERY PAINFUL PERIOD in our careers….I will soon be retiring after nearly four decades here and I feel terrible for ALL of my fellow employees, no matter what the Craft.

    This SHIT did not have to happen, and could be fixed, but they are not doing anything about this and it’s a crime.

  7. Nice article, but to APWU, who cares, clerks are not and most cannot be carriers,
    we do not want this, rather you fine protectors of your own big paychecks, offer the clerks an early out, better to be excessed somewhere as a clerk, than be fired as a carrier.

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