Video: Miami Postal worker robbed of master key

NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) — Another South Florida postal worker has been robbed while on the job.

The postal worker was trying to put mail into a set of mailboxes in the area when two suspects approached her from behind.

According to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the robbers snatched the victim’s master key, which is used to open mailboxes.

Tuesday’s incident is one in a recent string of postal worker robberies in South Florida. “At this time, I don’t know if it’s related to the attack of previous carriers,” said postal inspector Blanca Alvarez. “There have been attacks of previous carriers for their mail key because people are looking to steal mail, and there are many different things that they can steal from the mail, whether it’s cash or gift cards for fraud. We’re not sure at this time why the key was stolen.”

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