USPS paid out nearly $1 Billion In Overtime During FY 2012 First Quarter

According to reports filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission USPS paid out $964,756,219.13 in overtime during the first quarter of  2012 fiscal year . Last year during the same period USPS paid out over $980 million. USPS attributed the $980 million to reduction in personnel (VERA and attrition) , mail rerouting, and equipment deployment delays and updates.

City Letter Carriers attributed to over 50% ($506,449,078.60) of the total amount.  Almost $180 million of that amount was paid out in the month of December.

Clerks attributed to over 20% ($221,667804.86) Over $100 million of that amount was paid out in the month of December.

Mail Handlers over 12% ($117,214,082.93) Almost $50 million of that amount was paid out in the month of December.

See chart below  – the second column is the Month Beginning Balance from October and November 2011
As PostalReporter reported last year, the overtime amount could be higher if not for USPS management utilizing involuntary temporary change of schedules.

Also USPS Paid out $28,376,044.47 in Arbitration Awards

Postmasters – $60,099.36
Supervisors-  $148,534.81
Clerks  –  $12,749,283.54
MAIL HANDLERS -$1,415,421.14
RURAL Carriers   – $459,578.38
CITY  Carriers- $10,454,205.26
VEH OP   – $192,125.88
BLDG SER -$1,129,078.57
Vehicle Maintenance – $64,797.97
HQ $1,000,000

8 thoughts on “USPS paid out nearly $1 Billion In Overtime During FY 2012 First Quarter

  1. Need to reduce headquarters STAPH as their infectious high salaried decision making is costly; they should be paid for performance as they would take a pay cut.
    Leadership creating negative returns on decayed business model.
    Eliminate purchasing, selling, buying houses for these high salaried so called decision makers. Results zero.

  2. Keep cutting routes, layoffs through attrition, and allow the mailflow to be delayed by not adhering to the so-called 24 hour clock. We all know that carriers are affected by weather, clerks are affected by customer population, and mail handlers are not able to process different amounts of mail each night, whether thay are high volume or low. Instead of fighting with each other, management and craft should work together to achieve the same goals. Would create a lot less headaches, better morale, increased productivity and a POSITIVE bottom line. Personally , I think it is high time to realize that because we choose to perform different jobs, management or craft, we all have families to feed and care for. Isn’t this the main idea behind a fully functioning, not dysfunctional, place of business?

  3. PMG should be a cabinet position.Held accountable. MEET PREDETERMINED BUDGET based on workload expectations with variance set for volume or revenue increase. WORK OUT OR GET OUT!

  4. The OT is a direct result of AMP consolidations of mail processing plants – and cutting customer service jobs. AMP consolidations mean the mail gets to post offices and stations later – meaning more OT for drivers, clerks and especially carriers. Customer Service job cuts are based on skewed programs designed to produce the desired result – job cuts – then USPS has to face reality and staff counters with fewer clerks – meaning more OT.
    This is called running the business into the ground!! And the PMG and Hdqrtrs staff keep getting more and bigger bonuses!
    They should all be fired!

  5. If the morons at ops support adjusted routes correctly and letter carriers had 8 hour routes instead of 9 or 10 hour routes, that would cut over time way down. And if the machinery that management has spent vast sums on worked correctly you’d cut down on clerk and mail handler over time. Most of the other over time is what any other company has when it has injuries or vacations. But even that can be controlled with proper personnel scheduling

  6. They give out the OT like candy and the only thing the plant manager cares about is scanning empty equipment. It’s all about his 6 figure bonus.

  7. This is continued proof that the USPS can not manage itself. Obama needs to create a Postal Czar to oversee the $20 Billion (less the $11 Billion for the pre-taxed health care to equal $9 Billion) that he originally promised the USPS so the USPS can be in the black for at least 1 Quarter of 2012.
    OPM needs to keep any/all surplus money from the CSRS/FERS overpayment for future Craft employee’s that wish to retire by 2013.
    Congress and Obama must stop USPS Exec’s from stealing Craft retirement money. They are already giving themselves IOU’s for any future siphoning funds.

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