Video: Explain it to me, GOP

“Federal employees from AFGE Locals representing Veterans Affairs nurses, Defense Department workers and federal corrections officers ask GOP lawmakers to “explain it to me” how cutting federal pay and benefits helps put Americans back to work.” American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO



4 thoughts on “Video: Explain it to me, GOP

  1. Why is it always the working americans rthat the GOP focus on? Why do they insist on hurting the working class! Yet, they fight OBAMA tooth and nail not to raise their own taxes! They (Republicans) have double standards; one for average working americans and one for themselves, the rich and not so famous! Americans, I hope you will remember who is raising the amount you pay for your pensions, and lowering the dollar amount your retirement annuity will be! We need to vote people like ISSA, Canter, Ross,Bo0ehner, Mc Connell and others that think like them out of office, and put americans in office that care about this country. Let’s see what the senate will do when they vote!

  2. Wow.
    Joe, all of your begging will go for naught.
    Darrell Issa could care less….and HE is the one who runs the show.

  3. The GOP should focus on giving USPS craft workers the early out incentives, and other monies to upright the USPS, because this USPS is intertwined with over a trillion dollars of commerce, when the USPS comes down, so does this American economy, arrogance or ignorance?, how can Congress okay Trillions to bailout banks and for worthless wars, that cost the taxpayers and take the lives of our Soldiers, yet want to cut those who teeter on the verge of bankruptcy and live pay check to pay check ?
    There is a very simple answer, Congress as well as many State and local Governments are disconnected and/or trying to keep their padded pay checks at the cost of depriving the working class of a decent existence, the so called American Dream, has turned into a nightmare for most.
    The reason the Post Office is mentioned is because it is a disaster happening now, from overpaid Management who have squandered billions on failed Postal
    experiments to Unions that have gone from “do what is good for the members unions”, to advancing their own political agendas.
    The majority of Federal/ Postal workers , excluding the Fat Cats in Congress and Federal/ Postal management, may average $40- $55,000 dollars, after reaching the top rate, and that depends upon the Agency and/or the pay Grades.
    Congress truly no longer represents those who they serve, and the Unions and Management in the Postal/ Federal Government agencies are no better.
    When the above mentioned wake up and see the disasters looming will they change their ways ?, or are they so blind and/ or arrogant ,that we should prepare for the worst ?, time will tell very soon.

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