Portland Postal Action Video

(Portland, Oregon: “At 2:30pm on Tuesday, Feb. 7, over a hundred activists from dozens of unions and community organizations, under the banner of JOBS with JUSTICE and the slogan of GOOD JOBS, NO CUTS swarmed out of two buses into University Station post office, which is slated for closure. This 13 min. video, which includes footage from a day-long bus tour of workers’ rights protests, includes this postal action — beginning at 5:40 minutes into the video — with a presentation inside a bus from NALC 82 activist, Brad Melland, and ending with words from NALC 82 activist, Jamie Partridge, inside the post office. Brad, Jamie and other NALC 82 members can also be seen in the video, throughout the day’s events.”

Portland Rising Part IV, 2/07/2012 from Peter Parks on Vimeo.