18 thoughts on “The Ed Show: The Republicans War On Postal Workers

  1. Dear mr. Schultz,

    I Thank you for supporting the postal workers of AMERICA. we love our job that we do for the american people, we are hard working people who drive this country, middle class hard working and love our America.

  2. The Republican War on Postal Workers. These robber barrons call themselves CONSERVATIVES; they truly are as they do not want any thing to change that challenges their authority to control. The main agenda for this group is to control policies that benefit their wealth group. This group has no feeling for working families that provide food and housing for their family but are unable to provide healthcare needs as many have jobs that do not provide health benefits and do not pay a wage that employees can afford to purchase health coverage.
    The Republicans agenda is to create loopholes to avoid paying taxes as to reality of income such as Romney. Warren Buffetts secretary is a good example as she paid more taxes than a republican seeking to become president.
    Republicans do not woory as to country debt issue as long as they are the benefactor. Republican Administrations do not mind creating war drama as long as CNN provides coverage and oil properties owned by major corpoations are insured of no damage to lines ,wells or properties.
    No surprise Republicans make war on postal workwes. Republicans are predators that operate in packs with a lead dog directing the attack..

  3. I’m retired but thank you Ed and Senator Sanders for siding with the workers !!!!
    This war on our workers of every profession is disgusting!!!

  4. This says it all. Finally, we get some honesty and positive coverage. There are to many people out there who have been mislead by our congress and at this time it is the republicans who deserve the blame! I still say postal mismanagement by management at all levels also attributes to the postal woes. They agree on a contract (Collective Bargaining Agreement) with the unions and then violate it everyday. A lot of money is paid out in grievances and arbitrations because of these actions. Their big bonuses don’t help either. Gratification en masse due to Ed and Senator Sanders. Thank you very much.

  5. Bernie Sanders is a true patriot and beacon in the night for what politicians should and could be. Ed schultz is the best. thanks for providing the truth that fox news and the ruling elite hate to hear. If the republicans continue to promote their extremist religious class warfare, arab spring will look like a walk in the park compared to a american uprising.

  6. Hats off to you both!! Thank you for standing up for the postal service and telling America the truth!!! Truth is a word most Republicans don’t know.

  7. Thank You Ed,for being our voice, it is so sad that the postal workers, work so hard and the thousands of us that are elligible to retire can not retire until we either finish educating our children or reach a financial position where we can afford to retire. We are not like issa or ross we are not rich, we can’t just dissappear because they feel we are no longer needed. We are still hanging in there because we don’t have a choice.Anyone that work for a living and vote republican as got to be crazy.

  8. They the GOP have to protect the wealthy, the DEMS have to protect the entitled, we the dying middle class?, are carcasses for the Vultures.
    Postal “Workers” are fair game for Congress, the perfect smokes screen for overpaid ,under worked, and arrogant Congress.

  9. All these idiot teabaggers I work with are complete morons. Supporting right wing f**ks that are stealing our pensions.

  10. Thank you Ed and Bernie for caring about postal workers, postal customers and workers in general. Wish we could clone both of you.

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