Where’s that tub? USPS’s flat tub shortage continues

The Postal Service’s flat tub shortage continues, forcing many processing centers to operate their automated flats sorting equipment without sufficient supplies of this important equipment.

Flat TubsRecent audits have revealed empty flat tubs often are held at retail and delivery units and not regularly returned to plants. The audits also reveal some units have been using flat tubs for records storage ― an unauthorized use of the equipment.

USPS encourages employees to help recover flat tubs. Here are some tips:

  • Flat tubs are for use in automated mail processing equipment. There is no substitute.
  • Return empty equipment to plants on a daily basis.
  • Remove all records and supplies from flat tubs and trays and immediately return the equipment to plants.
  • Don’t use flat tubs under carrier cases for hold mail or any other purpose.

Flat tubs cost $5 each and despite purchasing 40 million tubs since 2001, USPS continues to spend millions of dollars annually to replenish its inventory.

USPS News Link Story – Where’s that tub?.

2 thoughts on “Where’s that tub? USPS’s flat tub shortage continues

  1. Two Ideas: 1 Send written orders of what you want. Stop with the grapevine balogny. .2 Allow us to return the tubs in apc and other things with wheels. THE TIME it takes to wrap them according to the last SOP is the biggest reason that they are stacked to the ceiling, on the dock. We’re short personel, the po box mail, the carriers, and the customers in line come first. Clerks on the OT list are sent home early and the emptys sit until tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. The drivers of the contract rigs picking up mail in the PM are told by the plant supvervisors, NO Emptys on the PM run. May the Wash. D.C. people who like to spend money could have micro gps units on each tub. Then they would be worth $5.00 apiece. Find another supplier. You’re being overcharged.

  2. Why don’t they go to every flea market in america on any given weekend and round them up ? How about garage sales ? How about small buisiness’s who use them for storage ? No they don’t want to look at the real issue . Just blame the employee !

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