Video: Woman gets her entire block’s mail for the 4th time

DENVER – If you’ve ever lost a piece of mail and wondered where it ended up, you might be surprised to learn where 9NEWS found some of it.

When Geina Horton arrived at her acupuncture studio in the Bonnie Brae section of Denver Monday morning, she found 60 pieces of mail sitting on her desk.

Turns out the mail carrier who delivers to the block left the entire block’s mail in her office. This might sound like an accident, but Horton says it’s the fourth time it has happened since November.


..Woman gets her entire block’s mail for the 4th time |

5 thoughts on “Video: Woman gets her entire block’s mail for the 4th time

  1. A good carrier will be sent to the woodshed for missing a MSP scan while lousy carriers misdeliver mail all over and NOTHING happens to them. The carrier(s) obviously thought an entire bundle was for the business rather than just the top pieces. That said… Our management is spineless and yes, the union pretty much has management and their subscribers nutured. The union will treat people like trash, and yet they fall in line and accept it. It’s a crackup watching people get pulled like a brainless puppets on a string at the USPS. They all live, breath and make love to a union contract…mail be damned.

  2. Mr. Gutierrez, I think you are right about the unions protecting the sorry and the lazy employees.I have a nephew who works for the postal service and he told me that there are 4 employees at his office who are hardly ever at work. They call in sick or they claim they need to be on light duty. and he says management can’t touch them because the union is too strong. so the others have to do more to make up for the work that they don’t or won’t do.

  3. It has nothing to do with unions and our pay. We are put out their to get the job done at certain time and it can become stressful for a new employee. We have people who set up the routes everyday for people to carry and don’t explain what they did. So before you think you know the job do the job.

  4. The reason this happens is because the carriersb are not held accountable and they get away with doing a shoddy job. They get paid a good wage for doing this job, which is not that demanding. Spupervisors and managers need to do their job as well. The unions are just as much to blame because they “protect” the non-productive employees instead of trying to correct the issues and either make the employee be accountable or remove them.

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