Postal Service Hiring Non-Career Positions in Kentucky and Indiana

Deadline to Apply – February 10th

KENTUCKIANA DISTRICT — The U.S. Postal Service is hiring for non-career positions in Kentucky (Lexington, Louisville and Paducah) and Indiana (Evansville). Applicants must apply online at

Postal Support Employee (PSE) — Mail Processing Clerk
Salary $14.60 per hour
Deadline to apply is Feb. 3, 2012

Casual Mail Handler (Evansville, Lexington and Louisville only)
Salary $12.00 per hour
Deadline to apply is Feb. 10, 2012

A Postal Support Employee is a temporary position with limited benefits. A PSE performs a variety of clerk duties required to process mail using automated mail processing equipment or manual methods of sortation and distribution.

Casual Mailhandlers are a temporary position with limited benefits. They perform handling, processing, delivery, collection and transportation of the mail, and/or custodial functions.

Appointment periods are not-to-exceed 360 days. Subsequent appointments may occur after a five-day break in service, but are not guaranteed.

To apply a candidate profile and application must be completed online using eCareer at Click the “search our latest job openings” link, choose the appropriate state and then click “start”. Click on the job opening you are interested in and “apply.”

If reached for consideration, candidates will be required to pass all pre-employment suitability factors including, but not limited to: Postal Service Entrance Examination 473 (PSE), employment history background check; military history; criminal conviction history; drug screening, personal interview and if selected, medical suitability.

source: USPS

2 thoughts on “Postal Service Hiring Non-Career Positions in Kentucky and Indiana

  1. 14.60 and 12.00 an hour? Maybe in these states this is good money. How would you support a family on this kind of money? I guess they’re right to work states, and they’re happy to have a job. Mitt Romney would say that and also how lucky to have a great paying job like that. If the unions keep on rolling over and letting the PMG hire these poor people at slave wages they’re crazy. By the way are they going to be allowed to join the union? Is that the hook to get the unions to go along?

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