NALC: GOP playing politics with federal employee pay

February 01, 2012

Today, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on H.R. 3835, a bill introduced by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) to extend for another year the freeze on federal employees’ pay. This legislation would freeze federal pay for federal employees and members of Congress for a third consecutive year. President Obama’s fiscal year 2013 budget includes a small increase for federal employees, a modest 0.5 percent.

The legislation takes advantage of members of Congress who support federal employees. Member of Congress who vote to increase the pay of federal workers will be forced to vote simultaneously for a pay increase for themselves.

On Tuesday, a “Dear Colleague” letter was circulated by Democrats in the House. It calls out the political pandering of the GOP, as H.R. 3835 “inappropriately groups Members of Congress who earn $174,000 per year with the men and women of our federal service. While we are not opposed to a freeze on Members’ pay for fiscal year 2013, we will not support a pay freeze for federal employees for a third consecutive year.” And in its closing, the letter suggests what the GOP should do to reduce the deficit, raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and not freeze the wages of middle-class workers.

Source: NALC Activist Alert

3 thoughts on “NALC: GOP playing politics with federal employee pay

  1. The *&$##%^&*)^%@#^^&*!!! Tea Party and Republicans in Congress just ELIMINATED ABOUT HALF of your FERS Federal RETIREMENT for ALL FERS Federal EMPLOYEES: Look at H.R. 3813 and H.R. 3630(Sections 5401-5404) in Congress right now. TIME TO ACT NOW!!! This is a SHAMEFUL,COWARDLY,and UNFAIR ATTACK on ALL FERS Federal EMPLOYEES!!!!! DON’T LET THESE CROOKED LIARS STEAL YOUR RETIREMENT!!!!! $$%&*^###%^&*(& THEM ALL!!!!!!

  2. Anyone in what’s left of the middle class still voting Rethuglikkkan are the stupidest of the stupid.

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