Video: PMG Donahoe On Future of the Post Office

In a CNBC interview, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe responds to comments made earlier this week on “Squawk Box” by Rep. Darrell Issa regarding the Post Office and its reforms.

“we’re looking to work with everybody very closely over the next couple weeks up there and see if we can push something through.”

“if we make any changes it probably won’t be in effect until next year, probably january time frame, because what we want to do is any change like that, we’ve got to work with the mailers and give them a chance to adjust schedules, et cetera, et cetera..”

15 thoughts on “Video: PMG Donahoe On Future of the Post Office

  1. if the post office is in such trouble, why do the C E O and managers still get bonus at the end of the fiscal year. it is top heavey and too many time a company goes broke because it is robbed from the people who run it

  2. Did anyone actually beleive that the Politians were going to let Donahoe make any changes before the elections? They will probably fork over some of the Retirement overpayment money to pacify The USPS and tell Donahoe to pipe down until 2013.

  3. Donahole is just that. He is a craft employee who moved up by going to college part time. Just like the other managers we have. This is why the service is having such a problem. We have a bunch of idiots trying to figure out how to move mail 100 miles in one day. Wow we use to be able to deliver a single letter 100 miles in one day, that was when mail volumes were up and we had less machinery. Opps I guess Donahole has to go back to pre school and start over, Fire the dumb A@@

  4. when you lock the doors of the 250 plants across the country…………….

    what happens to the machines? (millions of dollars wasted)

    Will USPS mgmt turn the keys over to the private industry to process mail ?

    Will I be waiting for my medication from CALF. 10 days instead of 4days?


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  5. It seems the false $238 billion figure is popping its head up again. On April 15, 2010, PMG Potter was questiones by Rep. Connolly of Virginia. In that exchange, Potter admitted the $238 billion was a “theoretical” number and action was being taken to make sure that figure wasn’t reached. In essence, another made up number, just like the $3 billion savings projected by eliminating Saturday delivery. Postal management just announced 2nd ounce free, thereby eliminating more revenue when claiming massive deficits. Let’s follow the money and see where it goes.

  6. President Barry Hussein Obamma vetted, approved, & appointed PMG Donehoe.

    President Barry Hussein Obamma had former PMG Potter working for him for 2.5 years.

    fine……get rid of Donehoe & Obamma-both clueless,

    Barry fiddles while USA burns!

  7. Go to and go to the fire the PMG petition and sign it. We need 25,000 signatures by Feb 24th. Thanks.

  8. What the freak is et cetera? This is why the Postal Service is in the codition, it is in now!A Postmaster General who do not know or carewhat’s going on with the Postal Service, poor customer service if these changes are implemented, or what’s happens to thousands of americans working citizens jobs! If it were not for tthe overpayments to the CRS and FRS retiree program, mismangement, and constant incentives and perks for managerial personnel, the Postal Seervice would still be viable! Now the heat is falling on the workers (Unions) employees who are doing all of the real work is getting the shaft! Congresss, America is watching you see what decisions you will make to keep the Postal Service open to every american citizen, and to keep employees who have dedicated the balance of their adult life pensions as they are now!

  9. Thank heaven he didn’t use the phrase ‘WIN WIN’ like the APWU president did.
    When a prison guard leads a condemned man to the chair he uses that phrase and that’s what’s happening to us.

  10. donahoe must go! this loser has no positive ideas to “lead” the
    post office. send this loser packing and get someone who is not a
    lifetime bureaucrat in there. oh yeah, and one more thing, try to pick someone
    who dosen’t spill lies every other word.

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