APWU to Employees: Be On The Lookout for Problems with Personnel Record

APWU received notification of several problems with postal employees Form 50:

  1.  USPS is changing employees to a “new” pay scale because of our new lower steps.  We believe this was unnecessary because it is the same pay scale – just new steps.  Anyway, some employees are being placed in level 6, step FF (imagine their surprise when they see the $20,000 pay cut on their next check).
  2. USPS is incorrectly placing clerks in traditional duty assignments into D/A 21-0 – this could mess with their pay, etc.

Please be on the lookout for these and other problems and forward copies of these Forms 50 to us.


9 thoughts on “APWU to Employees: Be On The Lookout for Problems with Personnel Record

  1. In response to “No-Way” and your FEDVIP benefits. FEDVIP premiums are deducted for 26 pay periods, not for the entire benefit year. ALL employees that were currently enrolled in FEDVIP had NO premiums deducted PP2. Postal Bulletins and OPM should have a blub on this. So it is not the useless HR workers or ancient payroll system that screwed up. PS—I am an HR worker and have worked HARD during my 24 years here. Yes, people come in from off the street and stomp on us but there are still MANY hard working, long term career Postal employee’s left.

  2. you guys on hear are smart like me. git rid of obuma and vote in good famly value like noot gingrits. (dam uppty blaks)

  3. I had FEDVIP Dental and Vision plans. NEVER cancelled them. But as of Pay Period 02/12, NO MONEY IS BEING DEDUCTED for them. They had always deducted 6.06 for Vision and 17.53 for Dental. Now 0 for Vision and 0 for Dental. Plan booklet states if you want to keep the plans you had “DO NOTHING.” Well I did nothing (to cancel) and they cancelled my plan anyway it seems. What is going on with the paychecks and the record-keeping!!?

  4. I thought this article was about the Postal Service lowering employees income! Why bring up Preesident Obama in this issue! He has nothing to do with how mismanagement the Postal Service mismanage! This is the Postal Service way of keeping their finanical status up, wrong as it is! They should be filed on by every employee this happens too! People are not working for free or fun, they deserve the pay they are getting and more! Is personnel getting their Form 50’s right; I bet so! Donahoe, what are you going to do about this? You and OIG!

  5. America is shot, USPS has been shot, gone awhile back, Obama was meant to be, the decline of the USA, while Rome Burns, Obama reads his teleprompter, but the GOP is just as bad, now a genius like Ron Paul or part of him anyway, ignored,Dc is the USPS, corrupt and in decline, we need the people , not the sheep, to take down this corrupt Government, including Cuomo in NY and just about every other Governor, and state and local thieves, talk about stocking up, living in a rural area,
    the disaster predicted in 2012 or so, is right in front of us, look we are imploding!
    Is it not strange, how someone can predict a setup, sure is strange.

  6. USPS is always on the brainless end of things. Never get anything right, but still promote the same kind of brain dead people to mess thing up. Putting unwanted, no where to go people into positions they know nothing about. They eliminate bids and put useless people to handle personnel paperwork. The USPS has always been a joke, having unqualified managers to run everything into the ground. Same as O-Bummer is doing in the discolored white house. Oh, give ’em a break, affirmative action president, all because of out dated old news slave days. Run everything as a ghetto village – don’t achieve your own fortune, just complain about the rich so O-Bummer can give you a free handout, that’s what ghetto is used to, not hard work. O.M.G. = O-Bummer MUST GO!!!!
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  7. You bet there is a problem with Form 50. The employees disability code, race and gender is listed on it. Maybe they want to to take these off so they will not get into trouble for it?

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