Statement on USPS Asking PRC to Accelerate Review of Network and Service Standard Changes

The U.S. Postal Service today asked the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to expedite consideration of the Postal Service’s plan to make its operations more efficient, reduce costs and ensure the long-term affordability of mail.

The request filed with the PRC calls on the Commission to issue its non-binding advisory opinion on planned Postal Service network and service standard changes by mid-April 2012. The current moratorium on the closing of any Post Office or mail processing facility expires on May 15, 2012. The Postal Service voluntarily agreed to the moratorium in response to congressional requests in the hope it would help facilitate the enactment of comprehensive postal legislation.The Postal Service had laid out a carefully designed plan to return to profitability while meeting the changing needs of its customers. The plan includes reducing the number of mail processing facilities from 460 today to fewer than 200 by 2013 and revising mail delivery service standards. The network changes will provide more predictable and reliable service and is part of a broader effort to stabilize the Postal Service finances and continue to provide affordable, universal service for generations to come.

The PRC issued a schedule last week that guarantees the Commission will not issue its non-binding advisory opinion until July 10, 2012, at the earliest. The Postal Service would like to move forward with its planned network and service standard changes with the benefit of the PRC’s advisory opinion, which it would need to have well before May 15.

The Postal Service believes that more than four months, from Dec. 5, 2011 to mid-April 2012, is adequate time for the PRC to evaluate and comment on these proposed operational changes.

10 thoughts on “Statement on USPS Asking PRC to Accelerate Review of Network and Service Standard Changes

  1. Zounds…I have been bethumped by words. I’ve always cogitated that sesquipedalian terminology used by people like yourself (lets face reality) only serves to obfuscates the rumination. That cabal of pompous polysyllabic pontificators can osculate my gluts.

    With regards to eating feces, lets face reality…at least its not on a silver platter being served to me by the APWU. So…keep paying dem dues !

  2. Cost effective operations. Eliminate sat. street delivery. SAT. delivery had it place in time but due to advanced communication technology the need to purchase a postage stamp and await a 1-2 day delivery is history. The need no longer exist as is demonstrated in the decline of first class mail volume resulting in revenue loss.
    Eastman kodak filed for bankruptcy: it like Sat. mail delivery had it need and place in time but is now cannot generate revenue to exist.. Eliminating Sat. street delivery would be cost effective as major products delivered are bulk business and non time sensitive parcel. Priority and Express mail must be delivered as additional postage is paid for a time set delivery. Same operation mode as UPS and Fed X as the only Sat. delivery is for items that additional money is paid for a guaranteed delivery day.
    1-2 hrs. overtime paid if necessary to complete routes on Mon. would be cost effective as elinating operating 192,000 vehicle and workhour cost would reduce delivery operation cost.
    Evaluated routes for city carriers same as rural would be cost effective. Many ruralS with evaluated time 43K 9 HRS. 12. MIN. WORK 5-6 HRS. ON Sat.on Mon. should it take 10.25 only going to get paid 9;12.Sa. delivery should be a past need in a primitive state when wriiten messages delivered to a physical address was the only means to communicate. Electronic instant messaging has eliminated the need for that primitve means.

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  5. 460-254 ( approximating 252 to 254!) = 206 facilities ( these 206 facilities will be mega facities) this is by 2012, if the consolidations go as scheduled by may 2012!….now what is this “below 200” facilities come from?!!!…..why no details on this! not one report anywhere..wonder why?
    why cant PRC co-ordinate with usps,with deadlines!? why cant congress work its usps decisions in time, they have every thing on table and so much of thinking time for the past one year!?
    what are the consequences on usps because of these “back and forth” regulaitons ( I think it is more important than mail volume thinning)

  6. Unhappy with APWU? Unhappy with the contract? Unhappy with the level of representation you’re getting? Unhappy with loss of 40 hour jobs?

    OCCUPY APWU at the 2012 Convention in Los Angeles (August 20-24) at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (404 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA)


    Shut up and keeping paying dem dues! And, by the way…stay in line all you lemmings!

  7. Privatize is the key, there is no “American Dream” for Americans in the working class, but for the wealthy, there is a pie, the Pie can be divided up, the pie is the USPS, those advocating privatization, would do so and maintain all management down to Supervision, because look how they have run the Post Office up till now, if you believe this, there is a Bridge I would like to sell to you.

    Where is the VER?, well if management has it’s way, the VER will be given to management with huge Golden parachutes parachutes and goodbye bonuses,
    the early retirement should go to the most shafted the craft, especially the clerk craft, and mailhandler craft, , this is nuts!, management is cutting thier own collective throat, no one wants the failed management in a Private PO!

  8. I agree kcndc. Especially from the district level on up! Also 2 questions to ask over and over, where exactly are we losing revenue and volume? They have taken all the numbers and made a collective to show the dramatic numbers! OIG stated 5-6 years ago that the USPS is doing it wrong. They take good productive facilities and consolidate them into very poor facilities. Anyone can make a graph or chart. Liars figure and figures lie. The true lose of volume is due to major mailers taking their mailing to e-mail, and of course the money goes with it.

    This article also portrays the USPS wanting/willing to move forward with their plans no mater what anyone says or does..

  9. So how many in management have gone into retirement or let go from the P.O?
    We are top heavy in management and need reduction now.

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