Video: Careless Mail Carrier Caught on Camera

Careless Mail Carrier Caught on Camera:

North Hollywood – Neither rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night will stop the US Postal Service… and neither will a fence!

Michael Oreb happened to be watching the security camera in front of his North Hollywood home when the mailman came.

The mailman had a package Oreb was waiting for… an antique clock he ordered from Pennsylvania.

When the mailman was unable to open the gate… he threw the package over the fence!

21 thoughts on “Video: Careless Mail Carrier Caught on Camera

  1. It’s a rework of an old joke:

    Why did the carrier toss the clock over the fence?

    He wanted to see time fly!!!

  2. So what? His union NALC will get him off by filing grievances arguing that:

    He wasn’t properly trained, or…
    Management was rushing him at work, or…
    He wasn’t provided a pencil so he could leave a pick-up notice, or:
    He was running late and told not to go into overtime, or:
    He had a flasback to prior days as an employee of UPS, or:
    He had a flasback to prior days as an employee of FEDEX.

    What the video doesn’t show is that upon return to the office he immediately filed a workers comp claim stating that he injured his shoulder by pitching the box over the fence. His claim will be accepted and he will collect sitting at home watching the video which he submitted as evidence of his on the job injury. Now maneement will never be able to fire him.

    Maneement will, of course, try to fire him, but he will also file a discrimination complaint which he will win and be awarded $35,000 for the pain and suffering sustained as a result of the improper termination.

    Just another day at the PO folks !

  3. I tried to see if that mailman was in full uniform. we have so many temp employees, that there training leaves a lot to be desired. We have one, and I never got to help train him. He has had a lot of problems with what to do, in certain situations. Common sense should prevail, but a lot of people have L.O.C.S disease. Just sayin’.

  4. what world are we living in?

    1. why do we expect our package to be handled like “queen” unless it is marked “fragile”? if so, have to pay for it. ( every mishandling needs investigation by involved parties and professionals, not the media. Yet media can help in the process. but dont come to conclusions)

    2.may be they should have dont throw stickers(paid for by customers, pay extra for extra care…usps take my advice)

  5. First, the carrier should not have tossed this package over the fence. Now for the customer that is in his home watching all this happen…..What an idiot. He should make his property accessible for his mail delivery, and have you ever heard of insurance and or signature required?. Just another happy customer eager to see the Postal Service in a bad situation, how sad.

  6. the carrier made an attempt to deliver it,
    it is ok to drop a package 6′, he tossed it with care.

  7. this carrier will only get a fact finding and move to a diferent route
    to me he has had to many chances he at least should be suspended

  8. That video is bogus!! I bet the package was just some light crap from Oriental Trading or something like that. This guy just decided it would be convienient to blame his clock problems on some carrier by claiming it was in this light weight package involved in the “throwing incident”. Leave it to a Fox affiliate to sensationalize it too. Nice inflamitory retoric by the bimbo reporter doing the narative for the story-and yes, it truly is a story. I’m surprised they didn’t work the story into some anti-government and/or anti-union angle, although I guess it was easily implied by the comment about how long it would take the “victim” to recover his “damages”.

  9. Why wouldn’t the customer let the Carrier in gate,if he saw him? It’s the Customer fault. Don’t blame this Carrier and where was the customers mail box? Behind the gate as well?

  10. The question to ask is, “If that was my package, would I want the carrier to toss it over the fence?” Do we not honor the sanctity of the mail anymore? The honest truth is, fire the carrier so fast it would make his head swim. No room in our office for that type of behavior.

  11. So many questions. Was this the only access to property? Where is mailbox… on house or curb? Was he the regular carrier or someone who might not know of other access to property? If this was the only access and the box was on the curb he should have left a notice of attempted delivery and let the customer pick it up or request redelivery. If mailbox was inside gate heshould have brought parcel back to p.o. and inform supervisor. He should not have thrown it. I do think the FedEX guy had better form when he threw his parcel over the fence last month.(See YouTube)

  12. If he left it outside the gate this moron would complaining. If it was so valuable, why was it not insured and signed for? The ebay seller ripped you off !!!

  13. That’s so bullsh$#. That was an easy toss period. If its packed right nothing happens to it. The guy said the chains and hand didn’t work.buddyboy that’s cause you baught an old clock not cause of the throw. Next time don’t lock your gate MORON.clerk warwick r.i. I hope that dude can read these comments!! Leo

  14. Believe it or not….goes on daily from all package carriers. After working at the PO for years and watching clerks throw off parcel & Packages it’s no surprise. Would have looked better as a jump shot!

  15. Not sure if I believe the clock was in the box. If it was as valuable as he says it would have been insured and a signature would be needed. Might be some type of scam. The carrier was still wrong but wonder if the clock was really in that box.

  16. Why do we have stupid mail carriers. As for mailmanlou the actions of the carrier was less than 20 seconds after his stop. How quick do you answer a door.

  17. why wasnt this customer going down to get his package instead of just watching the mailman on his camera.

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