USPS to start campaign encouraging Postal Employees to become Letter Carriers

Reassignment Opportunities to the City Carrier Craft

January 3, 2012

Mr. Cliff Guffey
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
1300 L Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005-4128

Dear Cliff:

As a matter of general interest, the Postal Service will initiate an awareness campaign regarding bargaining unit reassignment opportunities to the city letter carrier craft. The program is intended to provide career clerk, mail handler, maintenance, and motor vehicle craft employees with information on volunteer reassignment opportunities to the city carrier craft. We have enclosed a draft copy of a letter that will be mailed to all career clerk, mail handler, maintenance, and motor vehicle craft employees and two draft posters that will be used for this campaign.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact Hallie Kline at extension 5656.


Alan S. Moore
Labor Relations Policy and Programs


From Mike Gallagher, APWU Eastern Region Coordinator

Subj: Reassignment Opportunities to the City Carrier Craft

Attached is a notice to the APWU that the USPS is going to start a campaign to encourage our members to become Letter Carriers.  They currently have a number of carrier vacancies that they would like to fill with our people.

As you know if our people voluntarily transfer they start a new period of seniority, generally as a PTF carrier.  If they are full time currently and they are excessed into the carrier craft they remain full time.

With the proposal to go from 6 day to 5 day delivery currently being considered by Congress, I would discourage our members from volunteering to become carriers.  The USPS says if they get 5 day delivery they can eliminate all their  C -2 positions and reduce the number of letter carriers significantly.  This will lead to the junior carriers being excessed or perhaps laid off, if the USPS reduces or eliminates the layoff protection in their current round of bargaining with the NALC.

So caution your members accordingly.

Mike Gallagher
Eastern Region Coordinator
American Postal Workers Union
1401 Liberty Place
Sicklerville, NJ  08081

City Letter Carrier Opportunities (PDF) .


22 thoughts on “USPS to start campaign encouraging Postal Employees to become Letter Carriers

  1. How in the world will closing a mail processing plant save ANY money? Employees will still be employed SOMEWHERE, benefits and all so no savings there. Also, the price of gas is so freakin’ high that transportation costs will at least double so no savings there either. What the post office needs is a COMPLETE AND THOROUGH MANAGEMENT OVERHAUL. Why not get a private OUTSIDE company to replace management? Start with Postmaster General Donahoe and go all the way down to the supervisors.

  2. Another ploy of management which has worked over the years is divide and conquer. The clerk/carrier bickering,” waah.. they’re making fun of me” @ Don is how they get away with all of this. Stick together, people and stop fighting between yourselves. It is the excess management we need to get rid of, not the craft !!

  3. You think our postal mottto is “Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night bla bla bla”?Nah it’s “It’s a good thing mail don’t go bad”.

  4. If it made sense it wouldn’t be the Post Office. We have been had; mis-management by the inbred idiot clown posse fake bosses will put the postal service in the history books. Management is so dumb they actually think they will still have a job after they privatize. Make them work for their inflated salaries. If they can’t increase revenue equal to their bonuses and salary in 2012 then FIRE them. Just like the private sector they are trying to emulate. Let the crafts manage themselves by bringing back reference volume. Eight hours volume for 8 hours pay. We rack and we deliver, micro-management is not necessary. At $65,000 average pay for 110,000 fake bosses equals 7 billion 150 million DOLLARS!

  5. Being the carrier forman at local stations aint rocket science, especially with all the fancy pants computers these days. Establish a new clerk position, 8 hr shift. first 4 hrs. coordinate and record volume, ensure jobs are covered then spend 4 hrs. on the window. Oh yeah, that will eliminate one full time eas job for every station, it will enhance window service at every station. Employees may feel a return of pride from the increased quality of service. The budget saves 4 hrs a day….. OOPS got carried away there…I was talking about sensible good ideas. Sorry I have to much time in to delude myself this way.

  6. I just realized what this ploy is by mis-management. They will use the carrier craft as a last opportunity for the other crafts. It will be take it or leave it well knowing the other crafts can’t handle carrier work. It’s about time all of us organize and point the finger at the real guilty party in this raping of our postal service which is MIS-MANAGEMENT! We can either bend over and take it or get busy and begin writing our legislators and the media. Even this may be a losing battle. I have written all 100 senators and only 2 have responded. Patty Murray and Dennis J. Kucinich. Patty Murray stated that congress has no control over the USPS and gave me a postal complaint phone number. Dennis J. Kucinich stated that he understands that the USPS is gearing up for privatizing and will continue working against the Issa and Ross bill which stalled HR 1351. Start writing letters people! Remember how? Let our voices be heard. This is the republicons last ditch effort before November to rape lady liberty.

  7. The pink slips should only be for mis-management. Then we can use reference volume for our hours again like we used to before the inbreeding by the fake bosses. I thought they ate their young!

  8. I can not even imagine the clerks in my DMU carrying mail. They’d all have heart attacks! They asked them to empty the apc machines and they almost shit themselves. Ask them to do some real haulin? Are you crazy? They can’t be more than 15′ from their coffee machines. all these years listening to clerks tell carriers on those bad weather days hey should have checked off clerk not carrier. don’t let them cross over! They had it made all these years and they made sure we carriers knew it, it’s their bed let them sleep in it. All those rainy, hot, and snowy days when they were laughing at the carriers, let’s see who’s laughing when the pink slips start flying!

  9. Offer the VER to clerks, then give the clerk positions to excess carriers, the only thing I carry is my coffee cup.
    Junior carriers can then become clerks!

  10. it was just last month when verizon wanted to charge customers a $2 surcharge for processing electronic payments, this is the future when the post office is gone they are going to charge you for everything you do on the internet from searching for content to paying bills ,coming soon to a computer near you.

  11. for those who talking about emails, listen, it wont be even months after usps is gone, they will invent “e-stamps” to charge for your email! good luck(plus no privacy, your enemies and competitors will be reading your letters)… they will need 1.5 trillion$ to build a new usps by then!

  12. great job for Guffy/Morris/Powell/Bell/Strunk keep them out of Vegas.

    let Powell kids go from supervisor to letter carrier…..ROFLMFAO!

    great 5 year no raise/COLA, 30 hour work week…..adjusted for inflation you clerks got nothing from the ‘Leadership Team”! lol!

  13. Jestson you sound like a robot. Do us all a favor on the next cold day put your tongue a pole and see if it sticks. If it does maybe the local carrier can help you get it off.

  14. @J JETSON– You are DEFINITELY “carrier” material…or even Postal Management.

    With economic theories and prognostications like yours, you will go far at the Postal Service.

    Perhaps you can give us a link to the data upon which you base your “predictions”

  15. @ J Jetson And George starts with a G not J youngin! I grew up with George Jetson and his robot still brought him his mail every day. Dino brought Fred Flinstone his mail. Maybe when it’s your time to retire you will be replaced by a robot you DOG!

  16. The post office can’t afford cutting Saturday. As a mail carrier I receive 40 feet of mail a day. As it is with 6 day delivery today I still have 80 feet of mail on Monday. The overtime resulting from the Monday volume takes 3 days of the week to catch up for just having Sunday off. Most young people don’t understand that the mail is processed at the plants 7 days a week 24/7. This is the only way that mail will be delivered in a timely manner. It’s old news any other way. If Saturday is cut then this means I will have 120 feet of mail on Monday and overtime every day of the week and still not catch up on the volume every week. So you young people need to wake up and realize that this is a ploy to destroy OUR postal system so you babies of us baby boomers can start paying 44 cents for going to MySpace to twitter your yahoos’.

  17. Eliminate Economics 101 supply-demand. No demand for Sat. Mail delivery. First class volume will continue to decrease as babyboomers decrease. This group consist of those born 1946-1954; later generations are computer users starting at 5-6 years old.Communicating via purchasing a stamp for message delivery to a physical address will be reffered to as a former primitive means no longer used in modern age of advance communication technology. Neanttheral communication will be history comparable to writing and pictures found in caves.
    Space ages apps introduced continually thus reducing physical delivery to a physical street address.
    Need for physical delivery will decrease with time decreasing the need for manual labor performed by mail carriers. Eliminate useless Sat. street delivery and reduce massive expense for need for gas and workhour cost.

  18. Create a new t6 position for daily operations and have the 6 most senior carriers switch off every day. This way we will be managed by our peers and not make work inbred micro- managers. The current management scam has no accountability and think the postal service needs them. WE DON’T! The other crafts can do the same.
    Eliminate 110,000 managers equals 7 billion 150 million dollars in savings. Create 10k new t6’s to replace management costs only 500 million. It can be done. This is what our union should be pushing for. Then we won’t have to negotiate with a middle man like we are with management. It will be with an arbitrator. It goes to arbitration every contract anyway.

  19. finally, some usefull, important, and timely carrer / job information passed
    onto apwu represented employees from the apwu. however, i guess it is
    tough luck for those that don’t stumble upon this article on

  20. you can’t fool me, I’am not falling for that trick.
    And besides, I can’t work in the snow or rain. I think I’ll pass,
    go to the boarder and get some of those disabled aliens, they need a job,
    they can be trusted, the post office owes them something.

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