Video: Sen. Sanders Fights for the Postal Service

“Sens. Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy, Rep. Peter Welch, Gov. Peter Shumlin and nearly 500 Vermonters packed the American Legion hall in White River Junction, Vt., on Wednesday evening to voice strong opposition to the potential closing of one of Vermont’s major postal processing plants. “It makes zero sense at all to be shutting down this processing plant, cutting jobs and slowing down mail service throughout our region,” Sanders said. “Clearly, we need changes in the post office so that it becomes a robust institution in the digital world, but I believe we can make those changes without slashing jobs.” Sanders has introduced the Postal Service Protection Act to maintain mail service to rural communities, avert cuts that could cost thousands of workers their jobs, and help the Postal Service adapt to the digital age.”

7 thoughts on “Video: Sen. Sanders Fights for the Postal Service

  1. Dear “Family Values Voter”–
    Your comment would indicate that YOU have absolutely no idea what you are talking about….nor do you know what “commie” or “”soiclist” mean.

    What “family value” do you vote for ? Just wondering what “lucky” candidates will get your “vote”.

  2. Bernie Sanders is one of the few bipartisan Congress Reps that want to offer the buyouts/ early outs asap, as the other agencies are doing or have done already, common sense and he has it

  3. It’s good guys like this that fight for us hard working union postal workers. Come on guys, they aren’t all bad. Some are for sure, just like any other segment of our society, buty they’re trully are good men and women in Congress working for our good. Give them a chance now and see what they can come up with. I believe that they will get it done. Let’s just hope it’s not what Issa and Ross have in mind. My instincts tell me that 2012 will be good for the future of the Postal Service. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to throw in the $25,000 and the 2 year service credit buy out for us burned out senior elligibles. We’re more than ready to go and hand it over to you youngians.

  4. Enough already!!!! Every Congressman is putting their 2 $ cents into this…. Shut up and let’s see some results!!!!!! Talk is cheap ASSHOLES!!!!!! I hope Issa and Ross don’t get re- elected!!!!!

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