USPS adopts new sales tool

Coming soon to tech-conscious customers everywhere is a new Postal Service sales tool, designed to place the power of digital media in their hands.

USPS will be providing customers and prospects with a USB BuzzCard, an interactive media product the size of a credit card that can be plugged into any PC or MAC computer USB port. The card automatically launches a customized Web-based marketing application featuring information on Postal Service products and services.

USPS can load color brochures, videos and other USPS information on BuzzCards. It includes an RSS reader that can be used to connect to Web content. The BuzzCard also can display running banners, help update social network sites, and measure and capture user data.

Because the card is small and portable, it can be passed out and shared nearly anywhere USPS and its customers conduct business. It can be handed out to customers at trade shows and other business events, used in customer meetings and seminars and in business-to-business and business-to-customer sales campaigns, and as part of direct mail campaigns.

“The BuzzCard is a perfect example of how the Postal Service is harnessing the power of the most cutting-edge digital media tools to drive its business,” says Cliff Rucker vice president, Sales

source: USPS News Link

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  1. Who is gonna deliver all this new business mail that this sales tool is going to generate? They closing mail processing plants & Post Offices now & carriers on the street after dark—does that mean more money for the carriers who are left with more over time pay to deliver this new business!!!

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