USPS Attempts to Negotiate with APWU Locals For Postal Support Employees Pay

Several locals have informed us that managers have approached them seeking to raise the wages of non-career Postal Support Employee (PSE) drivers. This is because the USPS has encountered difficulty filling the positions at the current pay rate.

During contract talks, we told management negotiators to expect problems filling the PSE jobs because of the low pay, but at the time they wouldn’t budge. Therefore, the APWU and USPS management agreed that if the negotiated rates were insufficient to attract enough PSE drivers in a particular area, the parties at the national level would negotiate an alternate rate that would be sufficient.

Since then, management has unilaterally raised the wages of PSEs in at least two districts, Minneapolis and Sacramento. However, changes to the pay scale can only be negotiated at the national level.

If the Postal Service changes the pay of PSEs at your facility — or attempts to do so — please contact us immediately at 202-842-4240.

source: APWU


8 thoughts on “USPS Attempts to Negotiate with APWU Locals For Postal Support Employees Pay

  1. We the ex PTF’s are now getting the shaft. Our hours cut to 32-36 hours a week. But the PSE’s get a $3.00 an hour raise? If you just give the employees you already have 40 hrs there is no reason to have PSE’s. The fix is easy. Just give the old timers the $25,000.00 and 2 years. You will see them walking out the door. To many Superviser’s standing around making over $100,000.00 a year. Pull their bids and repost at 32 hrs and see how they like it.

  2. Wait!!! Im I reading this right?? They want to raise wages for a NON-CAREER employee, but the Clerk Craft had to wait on a raise via the collective bargaining agreement? I thought this place had no money and I thought that NON-CAREER employees hired were to help the USPS financially (ie; cutting overtime, penalty, etc). Boy.. we are going out of the world backwards.

  3. Why is it that when you have a renegade Local President negotiating changes to the National Agreement for their cronies, National doesn’t want to get involved, saying its a Local issue or “vote them out”? Now they want to get involved all of a sudden? I talked to a Union lawyer once at a convention who said its legal because a Local President is considered a bargaining unit negotiator just like Natioanl Officers.

  4. I been working at the Sacramento P&DC for over 20 years. Sacramento management always does what they want. They don’t recognize any Collective Bargaining Agreements agreed to and signed by the PMG. They are all rocket scientists here. Who is the PMG to tell them what to do.
    Tell us something we didn’t know already.

  5. Why raise the wages for thepse drivers,I wanted to be a driver the po said no
    I cant apply for a driver posistion.What about the career employees that want
    a higher level?

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