Video: Postal Service Employees Outraged At Texas Meeting -Bryan/College Station, TX Texas

A few concerned residents and some postal employees attended a hearing tonight to hear a proposal to move Bryan’s mail processing center to Houston or Austin as a cost saving measure.

“We are looking at every area within our organization of ways that we can consolidate and become more efficient, cut costs by still providing universal service,” said Dionne Montague with the US Postal Service.

Some postal workers say they believe the decision has already been made internally.

“This [meeting] is a show to make everyone think that management cares about our opinion. I don’t think that management cares about our opinion. I think they are going to do it anyway, so we are basically wasting our time here,” said one US Postal Service employee.

“Let the people know this is going on. This is a farce,” said another angry employee.

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