USPS’s Quasi-Moratorium On Post Office Closings

Below is text of letter from USPS to APWU President Mr. Cliff Guffey

American Postal Workers
1300 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005-4128

Dear Cliff,

This letter responds to your inquiry concerning the impact of the Postal Service’s December 13 announcement to delay the closing of any Post Office or mail processing facility until May 15, 2012 on those  Area Mail Processing (AMPs) where a decision to consolidate has been made.

Please be advised that, for the following seventeen (17) sites, as implementation of the consolidation has begun, the implementation will continue:

• Frederick, MD P&DC into Baltimore, MD P&DC;
• Hickory. NC P&DF into Greensboro, NC P&DC;
• Bristol, VA P&DF Into Johnson City, P&DF;
• Lancaster. PA P&DF into Harrisburg, PA P&DC;
• Ashland, KY P&DF into Charleston, WV P&DC;
• Pikesville, KY CSMPC Into Charleston, WV P8cDC;
• Saginaw, MI P8cDC into MI Metroplex P&DC;
• Oshkosh, Wi P&DC Into Green Bay, WI pane;
• Flint MI P&DC into Ml Metroplex P&OC;
• Bronx, NY P&DC into Morgan, NY P&DC;
• Industry, Cf\ P&DC into Santa Ana, CA P&DC;
• Huntsville, AL P&DF into Birmingham, AL P&DC;
• Mobridge. SD CSPMC into Bismarck, NO P&OF;
• Butte, MT CSMPC into Great Falls, Mr P&DF;
• Helena, MT CSMPC Into Great Falls, MT P&DF;
• Lincoln, NE P&DF into Omaha, NE paDC; end
• Jamestown, ND CSMPC into Fargo, ND P & DC

The following ten (10) sites are affected by the announcement:
• Mansfield, OH P&DF into Cleveland, OH P & DC;
• Bluefield, WV P&DF into Charleston, WV P&DC/Johnson City, TN P&DF;
• Martinsburg,WV CSMPC Into Balt!more, MD P&DC;
• Wheeling, WV, P&DF into Pittsburgh. PA P & DC;
• Springfield MA P&DC mto Hartford, CT P&DC/Central MA P&DC;
• Utica, NY P&DF into Syracuse, NY P&DC;
• North Bay CA P&DC into Oakland, CA P&DC;
• Gainesville, FL P&Df into Jacksonville, FL P&DC;
• Bemidji, MN CSMPC into Saint Cloud, MN P&DF and
• Yakima, WA CSMPC into Pasco, WA P&DF.

If there are any questions concerning this matter please contact me at (202) 268-5421


Patrick Devine
Contract Administration (APWU) :

The following is information sent out to APWU members:

Impact of Moratorium on Approved AMPs (Area Mail Processing Study)



As you know the USPS on 12-13-11 boldly told all of America that any and all consolidations and post office closing were stopped until May 15, 2012. With this news many of us jumped for joy only to have the rug pulled out from under us when we got the news the USPS had lied to America when they stated the moratorium did not apply to Ashland, Pikeville, Bristol Tennessee, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania post offices. A few Day later on Friday, 12-16-11 after our national union representatives and myself raised a little hell we were told that the USPS was going to honor what they originally stated and that absolutely no post office would be consolidated or closed until after 5-15-12.

However, on the following Monday the USPS sent out the above attached memo identified as doc 44 above stating that Ashland and the other 3 were back on the chopping block.

The USPS on 12-21-11 expanded on their lie by sending a memo to the union stating that 15 more post offices had been added to the chopping block and that the moratorium did not apply to them either.

This is where our help comes from. We should all stay on the phones to ever congressman and senator you can for the next few days. With us and the other now complaining about the lies the USPS have told something may be done.

We should all ask they be charged with fraud in a government matter which is criminal.

To tell a lie this large giving people false hope is terrible and even worse when you consider they did it at christmas.

The PMG needs to be removed immediately if not sooner.

Some have said it is not worth the bother cause we are going to go anyway, but this is not true.

Remember, the longer you delay the better chance you have to stay.

Life turns on a dime. If we stay till May anything could happen. There might be an earthquake the gobbles up Charleston or the 75 billion could be released to the USPS which would stop all of this.

Senator contact info below or go to the link below for more senator congressman info:

Lance Coles

Statement on Delay of Closing or Consolidation of Post Offices and Mail Processing Facilities (Dec., 13, 2011)

The U.S. Postal Service, in response to a request made by multiple U.S. Senators, has agreed to delay the closing or consolidation of any Post Office or mail processing facility until May 15, 2012. The Postal Service will continue all necessary steps required for the review of these facilities during the interim period, including public input meetings. The Postal Service hopes this period will help facilitate the enactment of comprehensive postal legislation. Given the Postal Service’s financial situation and the loss of mail volume, the Postal Service must continue to take all steps necessary to reduce costs and increase revenue.


APWU is urging its members to contact the following Senators

Contact WV Senator Joe Manchin III

Washington, D.C. Office:

303 Hart Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-4801
Phone: (202) 224-3954
Fax: (202) 228-0002

Charleston Office:

300 Virginia Street East, Unit 2630
Charleston, West Virginia 25301
Phone: (304) 342-5855
Fax: (304) 343-7144

Contact Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

Washington, D.C. Office:

208 Russell Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-1703
Phone: (202) 224-4343
Fax: (202) 228-6917

Bowling Green Office:

1019 State Street
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
Phone: (270) 782-8303

Contact Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell

Washington, D.C. Office:

317 Russell Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-1702
Phone: (202) 224-2541
Fax: (202) 224-2499

Louisville Office: (more district offices)

601 West Broadway, #630
Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Phone: (502) 582-6304
Fax: (502) 582-5326

Contact Ohio Senator Rob Portman

Washington, D.C. Office:

338 Russell Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-3504
Phone: (202) 224-3353
Fax: (202) 224-9075

Columbus Office:

37 West Broad Street, Room 300
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: (614) 469-6774

Contact Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

Washington, D.C. Office:

713 Hart Senate Office Building,
District of Columbia 20510-3503
Phone: (202) 224-2315
Fax: (202) 228-6321

Cleveland Office:

1301 East Ninth Street, Suite 1710
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Phone: (216) 522-7272
Fax: (216) 522-2239

8 thoughts on “USPS’s Quasi-Moratorium On Post Office Closings

  1. 2006-George Bush/Congress, only Postal Union who opposed was the APWU, this has been stemming since the late 70’s and 80’s with Moe Biller vs. James Miller Privatation Debates. Problem is not many oldtimers arouind to remember this, except Cliff.Liz.Joyce,Judy, Rob and a few others!

  2. I have to say that i think it is true that you can”t blame all of this on republicans since it is relatively obvious that these postal plans on closing seem to have started, maybe covertly, for what must have been a few years now. It is far too planned out to be just recently dreamed up. this must have been going on in back offices and OIG etc. for some time. before the Congress even was aware. I wouldnt doubt previous PMG involvement

  3. Cliff maybe you should set up a meeting with the president of the united states, he could fix this with an executive order and stop this, give back the over payment we have made and put the post master were he belongs in the unemployment lines.(i’m sure he has a job all lined up with the people who want to lap up the gravy after we are gone.)

    or Maybe we should let the postmaster sort and deliver the mail himself. WE NEED TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED WE ARE THE 99% DON’T TREAD ON ME

  4. Donahoe is a liar. I think all postal workers get that by now. However,
    I am not in agreement that contacting your congressmen will serve
    any purpose. After all, wouldn’t we just be telling one liar(congress) that
    there is a problem with another liar (Donahoe)?

  5. so donahoe lied again. i think the idiot needs to start
    attending the compulsive liar meetings held at the local
    church. they meet twice weekly donahoe! but i will take
    the articles advice to contact my pennsylvania congressmen.
    i also will contact the office of the inspector general and file a fraud claim
    against pat donahoe regarding this matter. i know the office of the inspector general will “sweep donahoes fraud and lies under the rug” but i will
    have a paper trail that i reported it. the office of the inspector general is “supposed ” to police the post office and bring accountability and integrity to postal management. as you can see, the OIG has failed mierably and really ought to be the ones being investigated to find out the reason for their gross

  6. You can’t blame everything on the Republicans, that’s the easy way out. This whole thing is a consolidated effort by the overall government which is led by our Postmaster.

  7. so now u know the republican way, lie, manipulate,and lie again. an absolute unrelenting assault on humanity, integrity, and truth. typ[cal postal management hypocrisy towards any rational resolution to the problems management created. fire every level 22 and above.

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