Save the Post Office named most valuable of progressive websites

“MOST VALUABLE WEBSITE: Save the Post Office

Nowhere was the assault on public services more aggressive than in the push to downsize the Postal Service. Battered by a Congressional mandate that pensions be prepaid for the next seventy-five years, the USPS announced plans to eliminate services, lay off tens of thousands of workers and close as many as 3,700 local offices. The American Postal Workers Union and the National Association of Letter Carriers stepped up to fight the cuts, making powerful arguments against the slide toward privatization. And Steve Hutkins’s website, savethepostoffice
.com, became an essential resource for a network of grassroots groups in all fifty states defending local post offices—along with the idea that the founders were right when they argued that a strong postal service does not just deliver mail; it builds communities and links them as a nation. Best of all, Save the Post Office has made smart arguments for expanding the USPS by doing things like renewing the old postal banking system.”

The Progressive Honor Roll of 2011 | The Nation:

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  1. I attended a meeting in Springfield, Illinois last night about closing the Springfield processing center and moving it to St. Louis. The P.O. said doing so would delay the mail by 1 or 2 days. A business man in attendance said that NO business ever plans for success by slowing down the delivery of its product.. He also said that he studied the P.O.’s business plan and commented that it was a plan for the business to fail. I fear that he’s right.

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