Washington Letter Carrier Still Fighting to keep Santa suit on

Update: Bellevue postal worker Bob McLean will be allowed to wear his full Santa Claus outfit when he delivers the mail on Saturday – Christmas Eve – following a resolution of the issue with management of the U.S. Postal Service.

For the last ten years, right around Christmas time, McLean grows out his beard and slips into his red suit before delivering the mail along his route.”I see children walking up and down the street, going ‘Look Mom! Santa Claus, Santa Claus,'” says Chapa Hernandez, a long time jeweler on Bellevue’s Main Street. But this year, a co-worker complained, saying he wasn’t in compliance with the dress code. So the postmaster ordered him to stop wearing it. But Monday, naughty or nice, McLean put on the suit anyway. His customers were happy to see it.

3 thoughts on “Washington Letter Carrier Still Fighting to keep Santa suit on

  1. I agree with both of the above comments. TEs run around in shorts and t-shirts and you wouldn’t know they were a letter carrier at all if it weren’t for the satchel. Is it really that big a deal to someone? I bet Santa can produce his ID badge if necessary.

  2. Maybe there was no complaint from a co-worker, maybe it was a gut-less boss who wanted to lay the blame else where. As a steward I am constantly told by supervisors that other carriers have mentioned some infraction or other to them so they must act. Only to find out there was no one, just a boss being a gut-less A-hole.

  3. I think Sant has a real case here based on past practices for starters and then take a look around the station at all those PTF’s in denim shorts, all those folks that don the sports team logo jackets and hoodies. Look at all those wearing long sleeve shirts WITHOUT a tie etc. Then there are those that desire to wear shoes without the NSR tag. WHat kind of A/h is the employee that went to management before discussing it with the other employee?

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