USPS Ranked #1 in Performance Among the World’s Top 20 Postal Services

A review of the performance of universal postal service providers by the Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) firm has named USPS the best postal service within the world’s top 20 largest economies for access to services, resource efficiency and public trust.

OSC conducts advanced research and helps private and government organizations achieve key strategic objectives. The review ranks USPS, Japan Post, Australia Post, Korea Post and Deutsche Post in its top five. USPS earned the premier ranking due to its high operating efficiency and public trust in its performance.

The ranking considered factors including the average number of citizens served by the postal system in a country, the number of letters and parcels delivered by each postal employee and data on service reliability and public trust measured over three years.

Professor William Scott-Jackson, director, OSC said, “If you could live anywhere in the world, and were sending a present to someone this Christmas, you’d want to be in the U.S., Japan or Australia.”

The report found that USPS delivers nearly double the number of letters per employee as its closest competitor and more than five times more letters per employee than fifth-place Deutsche Post.

Despite increasing competition from digital communications, postal services retain a key role in societies across the globe. The expansion of e-commerce means there’s
an even greater need for fast, efficient and reliable postal services.

“People tend to think the Internet has made the postman redundant,” said Scott-Jackson. “But postal services provide the backbone for e-commerce deliveries.”


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Here is the press release from Oxford Strategic Consulting

OXFORD, England, December 15, 2011

  • USPS delivers over five times more letters per delivery employee than Germany’s Deutsche Post
  • Emerging market providers improve performance: Turkey’s PTT leads, Russia Post shows strongest improvement among BRIC nations

A review of the performance of universal postal service providers (USPs) in the G20 group of world’s wealthiest nations, published today by Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC), has found that the United States Postal Service (USPS) achieved the best overall ranking among operators.

The benchmark examines performance over three years against three key metrics – access to vital services, resource efficiency, and performance and public trust. Universal providers are seeing strong competition from private companies and a continual slide in mail volumes, with the move towards digital communications. Volumes have fallen in many countries – as much as 17% in the US since 2006.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) came top due to its high operating efficiency and public faith in its performance. The government agency handles over five times more letters per full-time delivery employee than Germany’s privatized provider, Deutsche Post (5th).

Report author William Scott-Jackson, director of Oxford Strategic Consulting, and Associate Research Fellow, SKOPE, University of Oxford, said: “People tend to think the internet has made the postman redundant but postal services still provide the backbone for e-commerce deliveries. If you could live anywhere in the world, and were sending a present to someone this Christmas, you’d want to be in the US, Japan or Australia.”

Japan Post (2nd) and Korea Post (4th) performed well on all counts, while Australia Post (3rd) was strong on both efficiency and access. The UK’s cost-cutting Royal Mail (6th) edged out France’s La Poste (7th) with double the efficiency in letter delivery.

Italy’s Poste Italiane (11th) saw declines in performance and efficiency, causing it to fall behind Russia Post (10th) – which improved its performance faster than any developed country operator. Correios Brazil (9th) posted mid-table in all categories.

The full ranking and preview copies of the report are available from:

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  1. It saddens me that management is so hostile to craft employees. This said, don’t you think that kind of resentment shows how inferior our supervisors are? Do you think that successful companies have management personnel who constantly degrade their employees? Harass them and are constantly looking for ways to hurt them, by belittling them. What does it take for the post office to realize that positive re-enforcement and praise is how to maintain a successful work force and also a productive business? It’s like the man who always puts down his wife and kids and can’t understand why they stop loving him. Am I the only one who sees this? I’m amazed that this kind of behavior isn’t banished from our service and a new direction of treating the employees installed. I believe this is the basis of a lot of our problems in the post office.I see it every day and it sickens me.

  2. attendance? lazy craft slobs dont need the aggrauation from abusive #1 Supervisors.

    Maybe and just maybe if you’d take the #1 abusive Supervisor bonues away and put it into incentives for lazy craft slobs to show up and put up with their crap Maybe and just maybe they would come an hang fire more?

    Well…. maybe not… after all… they are just lazy craft slobs.

    Now thats CommonSense

  3. The most costly postal service in the world. Bottomline most negative in universe.
    Performance Pay costly for upper echelon management staph.

  4. listen..I am coming from the future 2024 just to tell you all this.. giving you a heads up… e-mail is screwing us…it takes 2 closed captions (40 seconds each to open a mail)….It takes me 5 hours just open mail…. and yeah… my inbox/ outbox/ this box/ that box has been hacked i dont know whether about my private information could be posted every where I guess!

  5. Hey #1 supervisor, as PMG Runyon said, if work for the Postal Service and don’t handle the mail, your over head!

  6. I’m just so glad the hold is loosening somewhat on our throats with the fact that we ARE number one!! PMG really needs to get a grip on reality!

  7. Not to worry, the PMG will end our reign of #1, we’ll be the bottom of the list soon the way he’s running it into the ground.

  8. see in Russia they are improving their postal system, this atleast should give impetus to people over here to do more to help us hold on to the number one position( a sense of pride)

  9. german postal workers are treated badly for thier work, their postal profits are beiong taken away by corporate . the grass roots take home hard work and its toll (toll on their body, mind and their life eventually) nothing else.

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