PMG Thanks Employees For Maintaining Focus On The Business


With the close of a very challenging year, PMG Pat Donahoe is assuring employees that he will remain focused on issues around postal legislation, operations and health care reform so that they can continue to focus on the business.

Holiday Message from PMGIn his annual holiday message, the PMG thanks employees for their hard work and dedication in 2011 ― a year filled with much attention from Congress, the media and the mailing industry.

With so much public interest, Donahoe acknowledged that there were many distractions, as well as mixed messages from different sources. However, he said he doesn’t want that to sidetrack employees or prevent them from concentrating on what’s really important to the organization — serving customers and delivering the mail.

“Many of you have asked how you can help,” said Donahoe. “The best way is to do your job to the best of your ability — over the holiday season and beyond — to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. They’re depending on you.”

Donahoe concludes with wishes to everyone in the organization for a wonderful, safe holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year.

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source: USPS News Link

15 thoughts on “PMG Thanks Employees For Maintaining Focus On The Business

  1. Fixing the post office: 1. Eliminate the 5.5 billion pre-funding of retiree’s health care. 2. Flat rate delivery option on first class letters(.90)/large document($2.70). 3. Eliminate parcel post and replace with a lower priced flat rate choice only. 4. 15% across the board pay cut. 5. Incentive based retirement option for personnel with at least 1 year or more till retirement. I believe this is the cure suckas.

  2. Donohue is behind a scheme to destroy the Postal Service. I have no other explanation that would fit the rampant stupidity that is crippling us. I think some of those “upper echelon” assholes think if the USPS is privatized, whomever buys it will look to them to head up the new corporation and they’ll have those seven figure executive salaries they all drool over.
    I got news for you. What company in its right mind would want to keep incompetent morons or obscenely corrupt managers and officials on the payroll? The whole country knows the upper levels of the Postal Service is rife with corruption and incompetence. Only a corporation even dumber than the USPS would ever consider hiring one of these jerks.
    The country is up in arms about the intent to shut down processing centers and Congress is fighting it, too. It’s a good thing, and I hope Donohue and Co. are extremely embarrassed and hopefully fired for trying to destroy us. They don’t have the autonomy they think they do, and Congress could set regulations that will save us. It sure won’t come from L’Enfant Plaza. As far as “appreciating” our efforts, fuck you PMG. You harass the living shit out of us and treat us like cattle. You listen to no one, customers or employees, and fuck you for that arrogance, too.

  3. Thanks PMG Donahoe can u tell that to MDO Burritt. We’re being forced in on our christmas holiday and nonscheds. So much for appreciation

  4. Its not happy Holidays………………………….its CHRISTMAS. So I guess we have to get on Postal Reporter to see a message from the PMG now.

  5. Donahue, you are a scurvy dog! All you are interested in is killing employee contracts so you can hire illegal aliens at minimum wage. You and the rest of the Washington elitists can all drop off the face of the Earth and the America would be a better place.
    Where do you get off?

  6. Mr. Donahue if you only new how the really work force feel about all issues that really go on in the work force. Since you came to be our PMG I thought with the roots you had in Pittsburgh maybe you get your lower level management to work with all craft employees. That has never happen in our area and infact all the people who new you when you were a craft employee are truely disappointed. It is amazing that all the craft employees across the country have kept there cool. You have your own management running scared because of violation of many contracts that you allow your management to do. It is a shame. If want to save money with the Postal Service then tell your manager not to violate the contracts of any craft. If the public really knew on how much money is paid out for the violations of the contracts of all crafts. That is not the worst of it your own management just continues to violate the same issues each and every week. Maybe you need to have a meeting with your managers and tell them this will not be tolerated. Put your District Managers, POOMs, and Postmasters that are in charge of craft employees and place them on notice that they must work with the craft employees and stop violating the contract over and over again. Maybe the public needs to see how much is lost by management on garievances each and every day. Millions and Millions of dollars could be saved each and every month.
    I alway have heard we must have labor and management meetings to work thinks out but that went by the way side. Management are told to do what ever it takes to get the job done and let the craft employees file grievance. Why do we have a contract with any craft emploee.

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