USPS Area Manager brutally attacked in Pontiac, MI

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office is on the lookout for a man who brutally attacked a U.S. Postal Service manager in Pontiac Thursday.

The victim was found to be semi-conscious when the deputies arrived and was being prepared for transport to the hospital by Pontiac Fire personnel.

The victim, a 54 year-old Pontiac resident, appeared to have severe injuries to his head and facial area. A metal pipe was found by deputies that appears to have been the weapon used in the attack. The victim was able to recall some of the incident at the hospital and stated he was assaulted when he went outside to check on a suspicious person who then attacked him. There was nothing taken from the victim who is an area manager for the U.S. Postal Service covering four states in the Midwest.

full story via Oakland Press

3 thoughts on “USPS Area Manager brutally attacked in Pontiac, MI

  1. I would bet you one of his employees was responsible for the attack. He probably was a total jerk, to put it mildly.

  2. Would motion detection lights have helped? When I lived in a church, we had them and the slightest movement outside – animal or human – would cause the lights to come.

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