USPS: Revised Express Mail Domestic Postage Refund Policy and Waiver of Signature

Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) Revision

Effective January 22, 2012, the Postal Service™ will revise Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Ser­vice, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) throughout various sections to modify the policy for filing claims for domestic Express Mail® postage refunds from 90 days to 30 days after the date of mailing.

Additionally, in conjunction with the implementation of the January 2012 redesigned Express Mail Label 11-B and Label 11-F, Express Mail Post Office to Addressee, the Postal Service™ is modifying both labels by eliminating the “waiver of signature” check box. A customer sending an Express Mail item, and requiring an addressee’s signature, must select the new “signature required” box on the new Express Mail label. If the box is not selected, the Postal Service will not obtain a signature from the addressee upon delivery of Express Mail Next Day Delivery and Express Mail Second Day Delivery items. Instead, the carrier will scan the barcode and leave the item in the customer’s mail receptacle or other secure location to document delivery.

Express Mail Hold For Pickup service always requires the signature of the addressee or addressee’s agent. Therefore, the Express Mail Label 11-HFPU, Express Mail Hold For Pickup, will not be modified to reflect the new “signature required” option.

This revision is based on our final rule Federal Register (76 FR 75461–75464) published December 2, 2011. You can view the notice on Postal Explorer® at


source: USPS -Postal Bulletin — Product Classification, Pricing, 12-15-11