3 thoughts on “Video: Too Big to Mail

  1. I understand why APWU got such a sh!tty contract. What a jerk. Too bad we have to follow it up, and the USPS expects the same sacrifices from us now. Forty years of negotiations down the drain.

  2. Cliff YOU ARE A DORK! Even More than Don a Hoe! You belong with all those other Dork Masters and High School Stupidvisors and Desk Jockeys……you are an insult to all Blue Collar Workers and Union Reps.

  3. Hey Jon I saw 1 UPS and 1 FedEx truck in the background. If the Post Office goes away there will be many more and guess who will be paying for that. If you guessed right it will be the people that are complaining about the advertising that keeps USPS mail rates low. USPS goes away UPS and FedEx will double their rates. Guess who will be complaining then. Cliff you suck as a spokesperson for the USPS.

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