Despite Moratorium on Postal Closings, USPS to Hold Public Hearing for Bronx, NY PO

Media AlertDespite Announced Moratorium on Postal Closings, USPS to Hold Closing Hearing for Hunts Point Post Office in the Bronx Thursday, Community Leaders and Unions to Protest

New York City – December 14, 2011.  Following yesterday’s announcement  by the Postal Service of a moratorium on postal closing until May 2012, the Postal Service will continue to hold a hearing to close the Hunts Point Post Office in the Bronx on Thursday, December 15, 2011.  The closing of the Hunts Point post office would be devastating to the reborn and growing Hunts Point community.

What:   Community Testifies at USPS Hearing on Closing Hunts Point Post Office,  Bronx

Where:  Hunts Point Recreation Center – 765 Manida Street (near Lafayette Ave.) Bronx, NY

When:   Thursday, December 15, 2011 from 6pm until 8pm

Who:     Community and labor leaders and the USPS

Why:     The community is opposed to the closing of Hunts Post Office and the 33 other post offices in New York City scheduled to be closed.

In 1995 the 10474 zip code was the only zip code in New York City without a post office.  But that was to come to end when the USPS announced that Hunts Point would have its own post office. It didn’t happen until 2000, but the USPS spent $2 million to build a Hunts Point post office.  This was a wonderful development for the 12,000 plus people who lived in the area and for the businesses located in the Hunts Point market one of the largest food processing areas in the world.  Hunts Point in recent decades has been a poor community, located in the poorest Congressional districts in the United States.

The Hunts Point residential community is made up of elderly, disabled, economically disenfranchised people and small business owners who, historically, use and depend upon the post office for their basic needs.  The closing of the Hunts Point post office would be an incalculable loss to the community.  The Hunts Point business area, with the addition of the former Fulton Fish Market, is thriving even in these hard economic times. Eliminating the Hunts Point Post Office would have a detrimental impact upon these businesses.

The New York Metro Area Postal Union is calling for the community to come out for Thursday’s hearing, hoping the announced moratorium will will not deter the Hunts Point community.  The hearing Thursday is the opportunity for members of this community to come out and let the USPS know how much they need to keep the Hunts Point Post Office.

President Clarice Torrence
Executive Vice President Clarence Wall, Jr.
Secretary-Treasury Wilfredo Figueroa
Director of Industrial Relations Frankie Sanchez
Director of Organization Abriitto Divine Pla’El
New York Metro Area Postal Union,
350 West 31st Street, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10001

4 thoughts on “Despite Moratorium on Postal Closings, USPS to Hold Public Hearing for Bronx, NY PO

  1. The Postal Service has had a plan for quite some time now and nobody is going to change that plan! They don’t give a shit what people think, or about peoples’ rights! Hell, if they did, then they sure wouldn’t treat their employees like they were all indentured servants. People really are snowed by these guys, that’s all I can say!

  2. Universal service does not mean there is a Post Office on your block. It means there is mail delivery to your mailbox. The post office is not Burger King,We don’t get it our way. The Government needs to fund it or close it.

  3. Will Terry speak when they hold hearings re: Industry PDC & SBerdoo PDC closings? Can’t wait. Hope they don’t shut his mic off. He holds Guiness Book of World records for having his mic cut off. But, he treaures that record. How y’all dealing with that APWU dues increase?

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