4 thoughts on “Video: What is the future of the Postal Service?

  1. How any one can talk to or listen to this boob is beyond me. Any news reporter or commentator surely can figure out that the business decisions he’s promoting are not sound or even intelligent. Who believes that this guy knows what he’s doing? He’s running the business down the tubes and the person who is his boss is letting him. The President.

  2. Congress , give the Moron PMG the billions , but offer the VER, the man is a waste,
    in a bad economy, many will stay , especially if not near the age to go, offer the outs!

  3. Mr. Donahoe has crafted a series of solutions that simply cannot work. He will damage essential infrastructure and abandon universal service in pursuit of a business plan that cannot work.
    L’Enfant Plaza is imprisoned by its groupthink.

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