Statement of Congressmen Issa And Ross On USPS Moratorium Of Post Office Closings

Postmaster General Cave-in on Postal Reform Paves Way for Taxpayer-Funded Bailout

WASHINGTON- Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and Oversight Postal Subcommittee Chairman Dennis Ross, R-Fla., issued the following statement on today’s announcement that USPS would be delaying necessary cost-cutting reforms:

Statement of Chairman Issa and Subcommittee Chairman Ross

“Once again, the Postmaster General has caved to political pressure. Postal losses now total over one billion dollars per month. This delay hastens the crisis that is bringing USPS to the brink of collapse and raises serious questions as to whether current postal leadership is up to the job. Despite its denials, it is very clear that the Postal Service wants a bailout that will cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars. To avert this outcome, we must pass comprehensive legislation that precludes political interference by self-serving postal unions, special interest groups, and members of Congress.”

The House Oversight Committee has approved H.R. 2309, the Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act of 2011, the only comprehensive postal reform legislation that will return the Postal Service to solvency, free it from political interference, and prevent a taxpayer funded bailout of USPS.

13 thoughts on “Statement of Congressmen Issa And Ross On USPS Moratorium Of Post Office Closings

  1. Why don’t you take the time to do a function 4 on mangement’s mismanagent of the postal service….half of them arerunning the post office right into the ground.

  2. Reps. Ross and Issa:

    Your hatred of “self serving” unions is despicable. They are us, the employees of the Postal Service who are suffering at the whims of greedy jerks like you who don’t want anybody to have a decent living wage or benefits. You just want to privatize the Service and turn it into something like Wal-Mail and pay starvation wages so you can pocket the profit. You are the reason the country is going belly up because you don’t give a shit about anything but your power and money. Go straight to hell.

  3. Issa and Ross when’s your next election? I hope it’s your last. With all the information available to you two, you’d think if you really care about the survival of the post office you could come up with a more intelligent Bill. What you’ve put forward looks very poorly thought out and mean spirited. Your constituents deserve better. The U.S. deserves better.

  4. If the post office is actually broke and they’ve reached their borrowing limit, then how would it be possible to keep their doors open today if they’re losing a billion dollars a month? Issa and Ross love to use the word bailout to scare taxpayers into believing their creative accounting theory. Their bill put absolutely no thought into getting the usps back on it’s feet….their bill is designed to privatize. Nobody would take the letter side so that would die but the parcel business would be well received by fedex and ups. Makes you wonder since ups is one of the very largest donors to the republican party. They also like to say their bill has already passed committee misleading people into believing that it has support. Well, It’s very easy to pass the committee when Issa’s the chairman. His bill did have some support….Ross was the one and only co-sponsor. There was actually a bill out their with enough support to pass that day but Issa wouldn’t hear it.

  5. Dawoo, Issa, please, offer the VER even without money, we want out !
    Many of us near will go, just want no penalty, the ones that can, can go !

  6. To avert this outcome, we must pass comprehensive legislation that precludes political interference by special interest groups, and members of Congress.”

    Pot calling the kettle black? but Issa has always been a hypocrite. He said the same thing about Solyndra, but tried to use his influence to gain funding for Aptera Motors.

  7. The Congressboy from San Diego (Issa) should certainly be an expert on Sour Grapes. Congressman Steven Lynch D-Mass (same Committee) wrote H.R 1351, a bill that would return approx 50 – 75 BILLION dollars to the Postal Service that it has OVER-paid into the federal retirement funds over the years. 250 other Congressman signed onto this bill as cosponsors. Issa (pronounced Ice-Hole) refused to let the bill even come to the floor of the Committee, instead bulldozing his own bill H.R. 2309, 1 Co-Sponsor Dennis Ross, with a straight party line vote.

    Since over-payments are deposited into the US Treasury, Federal Government reports this as Income. This is how Issa (Ice-Hole) justifies claiming return of Postal money as a “Tax-Payer Bail-out”. It sounds so much more inflammatory. NO different than calling Tax Refund in April a bail-out for individuals, or Social Security an entitlement.

    Just for clarification, to me, Entitlement = Money for nothing. I’ve been paying into Social Security (Investing? by mandate) my entire working life. If I expect to get some of that back with interest and the end of my life, is that an entitlement?

  8. What about the $15 trillion America is in debt? Why no pay cut in congress ,longer time in service before retirement pay [6 years $54,000],free health benefits that you in Congress enjoy. Time you earned you pay and work for the American people.

  9. the Issa-Ross bill H.R.2309 will only accelerate the dismantling or destruction(real goal) of the U.S.Postal Service.and the postal agency doesn’t need a taxpayer
    bailout.the Postal Service has been almost forced to pay in advance to its current
    and future retirees’s health costs.Money that the agency badly need to operate its
    daily postal business.this is what has created its huge deficits in these last years.
    also,the present economic conditions.we still in a long recession.
    Congress and George W.Bush with the Accountability and Enhancement Act in2006.Impose the undue financial burden to the postal agency.If.the over payments were given back the Postal Service will be able to solve many of ist
    money strapped problems.

  10. Dear Sirs, I would remind you that it took many years to wind up in the current situation we are in. The second amendment says the post office is a service and not a business. How can you justify the reduction of post offices, the reduction of delivery standards and the elimination of saturday delivery as improving those services. While the number of clerks had been dramatically reduced the level of upper management continues to increase. Perhaps you should start there. It was only a couple of years ago that the then postmaster and his cronies approved hundreds of thousands of dollars increase in their own salaries. Why weren’t they strung up for such an abuse of control. Claims they earned it!!!! How does forcing a company into bankruptcy justify epic pay promotions. Congressman Isaa perhaps you have underlying reasons for your prompt attack on the post office? Hmmm. Perhaps the return of the overpayments to the post office should be first on the list. Give the senior clerks a chance to retire with it then talk restructuring it. IF we can bailout the banks and the car industry then you should do the same for the company the serves you directly. Thousands of dollars in reduced charges and incentives for business class maile should be recouped. Reductions in management should be mandatory. Those are just a few thoughts. Thank you.

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