New York Congressman Introduces Bill to Preserve Postal Services, Cut Costs

From the office of  Congressman Bill Owens (D-NY-23

Legislation would co-locate post offices with existing facilitie

Washington, Dec 8 – Congressman Bill Owens today introduced legislation that would help preserve vital services offered by post offices for millions of Americans who rely on them.  H.R. 3584, the Community Postal Service Preservation and Cost Savings Act, would require the Postal Service to review and consider co-locating post offices at retail facilities and municipal buildings. The bill would include post offices that have already closed and those still under threat of closure.

“This legislation offers a solution that cuts costs without sacrificing critical services for New Yorkers,” Owens said. “Closing post offices in our region is not the same as shutting down facilities in urban areas, especially when the nearest location can be as far as 15 miles away. While that might not seem like a lot, imagine doing it in the middle of a New York winter.”

H.R. 3584 harnesses the potential that exists in local municipal buildings and community businesses to host postal facilities, saving the USPS the cost of leasing a building that solely serves postal operations.  The bill will help the USPS system work better for its customers and employees while recovering funds that can be used to preserve rural mail service.

“These offices help people to look out for their neighbors and connect to their community, and it is critical that we work to find a solution that works best for rural areas and practices fiscal responsibility,” said Owens.


One thought on “New York Congressman Introduces Bill to Preserve Postal Services, Cut Costs

  1. Sounds good on paper, but I believe the Postal Service already tried alternatives in the past. Either location, limited space, or already doing it. The major costs of operating the Postal Service is not the salaries, but the energy costs. Running a mail route everyday, stopping and running to the next box as fast the mail truck can on a 800 box route burns ALOT of fuel. We need better low cost energy vehicles. Perhaps going back to the quarter ton mail truck and having a 3 cylinder engine that would get 55 mpg, instead of 12.

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