NAPUS: Postal Service Cuts Ignite Congressional Outrage

This past week, Members of Congress, on both sides of Capitol Hill, expressed outrage over the continual parade of 2011 service cuts being unveiled by Postal Headquarters.  Senators and Representatives proclaim that accessible post offices, reliable delivery frequency and consistent quality service are still valued characteristics of a universal postal service.  And, Members of Congress, such as Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), made this crystal clear. To bolster the point, twenty members of the Senate sent a letter (click on letter) to the Senate Bipartisan Leadership and the Appropriations Committee requesting a provision to stall USPS service efforts to close post offices,  and reduce mail service and standards. In addition, the pending omnibus appropriations bill may contain some significant changes to the FEHBP. To read more about these issues view the latest edition of the eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin.




2 thoughts on “NAPUS: Postal Service Cuts Ignite Congressional Outrage

  1. So a bailout it is. The Unions got their way. We will have another multi billion dollar bailout in another couple years after this one runs out.

  2. When are you people going to vote on any thing? Please just vote on a bill any bill, so we can move forward and the workers have some knowledge of what to expect.

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