Video: Major Cuts to USPS Spending, Staffing to May Take Effect in April 2012

No service changes associated with this Request will be implemented earlier than some time in the first half of April 2012.

The effects will probably not be felt until early April of 2012, said Dave Williams, Vice President of Operations. In a press conference Monday, Williams said that there’s really no choice for the USPS – slashes in spending and staffing simply have to be done.“Our network is simply too big to handle the revenues coming in today. But more importantly, way too big for what we’re projecting in the future,” he said. “We have to do this; we have to make this change for the postal service to become financially viable.”USPS Announces Major Cuts to Spending, Staffing to Take Effect in April 2012 via Fox news Insider

The U.S. Postal Service announces cost-cutting measures designed to keep it from running out of cash by next summer. USPS Notice To PRC Requesting Changes To Service Standards

Assuming a 60-day comment period and an additional 30 days to consider and address all comments before determining whether to publish notice of a final rule change in the Federal Register, the rulemaking can not realistically conclude until some time in the first half of March 2012. No service changes associated with this Request will be implemented earlier than some time in the first half of April 2012.


29 thoughts on “Video: Major Cuts to USPS Spending, Staffing to May Take Effect in April 2012

  1. GOP does not care about Postal Worker, It’s time postal worker get there stats together and move on to other Fed Agency. This ship has sunk

  2. When the Chinese shut off our electricity ALL OF YOU will wish the Post Office was still around! Hang your smart phone computer BUTTS out in the wind!

  3. Congress has time and the will to authorize bailing out corporate giants like
    GMC,Chrysler,the 2007 Banking industry $700 Billions bail out.which these
    banking crooks didn’t deserve to be rescue at all.Fannie Mae bail out.etc.
    the 1980 Savings and Loans industry bail out.etc.when it is a corporate
    business our politicians rush to use taxpayers money to rescue all these
    corporations.when it comes to use some common sense our national
    politicos are never there to do anything at all.
    the US Postal Service does make money enough to pay for employees and
    facilities and other is this mandate that the Postal Service pays
    in advance for its current and future retirees health costs,it is what has put
    the agency deeply in debt.not the mail processing and delivery business.
    but,our unkind they can repeal this unfair financial burden.
    but,they are for reelection in 2012 and they don’t want to do anything that
    will jeopardize their chances to get reelected.So,they will do anything not
    to do nothing. to allow the Postal Service to get to fix this problem for now.
    After all,Congress is to blame for this big economic crisis that we are having
    now.for allowing Big Business in America to almost bankrupt the country.
    The Postal Service doesn’t get any subsidies from the US
    is a separate agency since since Nixon’s days.I think that if,Congress allows
    the agency to use those over payments made to the Office of Personnel
    Management for its retirees health funds.this can allow the agency to be
    able to be back in business.

  4. Hold onto your hats Industry & San Berdoo PDCs, you’re in for a very bumpy ride and a stop that’ll jolt ya! I’m sure Terry will have all sorts of explanations and assurances that tons of grievances will be filed….yeah….that’s the ticket – tons of grievances! Maybe some more pickets, or community forums, or commercials, or political donations. Keep paying dem dues bruthas & sistas!

  5. Capitalism has been taken over by the Facists. Whether its War Profiteering or finding a slick backdoor way to steal your 401K. Still no prosecutions of those that orchestrated this Mafia style crime.

    Whether it’s sticking in a ringer political candidate with such a checkered past that it makes a similar checkered candidate seem not so hard to give a pass to.

    Whether it’s spending Billions on Homeland Security to strip search and frisk Grandma’s butt for a bomb.

    Whether it’s passing a “voice only” Bill in Congress in 2006 to raid the solvency the self sustaining USPS in order to be able to say “see, Big Government doesn’t work” and propaganda makes this fact too muddled for the public to understand or grasp.

    Blitzkrieg worked in the 30’s and 40’s but it was learned that a much slower approach will ultimately achieve the desired results.

    As the Glaciers are all melting away with ice only on the uppermost mountaintops so to the middle class is disappearing and when we are gone we will not return. The strong and powerful will see to that.

  6. In order for the Postal Service to become financially viable we have to destroy it. Seriously, the people at the very top of this organization do not seem to realize that if the work and the workforce are gone, they will have no one to manage. They will have no MSP scans to graph, no projections to make. Their extremely valuable parasitic talents will not be needed elsewhere. I wish that Congress would take a serious look at the top of this agency. It is not the bottom half that is killing us. Who got the contracts for the flat-sorting machinery? How much has been spent on them? Do we still need them?

  7. Over the Past decade and a half I have seen nothing but “Data” collection and entry into these freaggin computers. Still today they (management) can’t figure out workload a day in advance. Spent all this money over the years trying to regulate people like machines while Management sits on their ass getting twice the pay! Lets file another report, fill out another log, conduct another audit and place another scan point up our ass!

  8. management wants nothing but a temporary workforce that will make up for the mismanaging that they do on an everyday basis. After that there will be no one to tell how messed up the business is.

  9. Just what makes some of you think that the internet is the end all and be all? With the postal service eliminated and less competition, one would be foolish to think that UPS and FedEx won’t raise their prices to ship packages. As it is most of my priority mail packages I order online come at a much cheaper price than the competition. What the post office must offer is a more efficient method of tracking like their competition. People who ship packages want to know where their mail is from moment to moment. Unlike Gadi, I am not interested in spending hundreds of dollars on iphone, apps, etc. on a bunch of gadgets to to do business with. Not to mention the cost of purchasing a long term internet plan. If you don’t think these electronics are foolproof from hacking, you have your head in the sand. Banks and all the other businesses that encourage you do go online will soon be charging a premium to even pay your bills. The internet has its place, put having information on hardcopy is important too. I personally would rather read a magazine this way, than online, scrolling back and forth. And I still like to get a birthday or christmas card by mail, instead of an online which eventually would cost you at some point also. We might as well eliminate department stores, movie theatres, etc. and go via internet

  10. your right alice chu stupidvisors have no equity in the postal service all they are interested is getting paid make there numbers and sleep walk most of the day. we need educsted to lead this struggling post office into the future,this current management structure was implemented in the 1970,s it needs changed imediately

  11. Management now just think how to save or how to cut, instead of how to make money or how to increase revenue. Or, just know how to sve energy (such as shut the light in the restroom) and sell the property, I think they are not entitiled to get that much pay. Really no imagination and talent on Business Management. I sugest that checking those management positions’ education and degree. If Postal Service doesn’t have owned high quality people to engage the business. No doubt about it, USPS is going to file bankcrupcy sooner or later.

  12. First class mail is not diminishing, it is being outsourced to presort mailing houses. As a BMEU tech I see the mailing house I work at produce 1.5 million fcm per night and over 8 million Std per week. We are slowly privatizing our mail service. The billions of dollars we are losing every year is due to the discounts we are giving to these presort mailers. It should have never been allowed to grow so big in the first place but Its too late now.


  14. Less mail and yet, every night, mail processing takes longer and the trucks leave later. We do the same thing every day, yet the process gets more ineffective. Not enough people due to scheduled leave and call-ins. Managers performing craft duties instead of managing. For Pete’s sake, you wanted to be a manager, so go manage. Know your employees…who’s working and who’s slacking off. And know the mail…get it processed and out of the building instead of pushing it back for the next day when some other delivery crisis will arise and more mail will be pushed back. Some of the comments I have read over time have been amazing and proves that the general public, especially the highly opinionated, has no clue about what really goes on in a postal facility, be it a small station or a large processing center. Maybe “Postalgate” would be an appropriate nickname.

  15. So how can the network be to big?

    Go into these ‘too numerous, over sized, overstaffed’ plants and try to explain why management has allowed mail to be delayed for up to three weeks?

    Mail volume is down, but can’t get the trucks out on time. Why not?

    Something is wrong here, and it’s not the rank and file, it’s poor management.

  16. You cannot stop technology, the USPS culture is an outdated , backwards culture, in a real business, it would have failed long ago, the destruction of the USPS is at hand and by the hand of private interests, they control the PMG, the VER must be done ASAP , and someone must stop the imminent destruction, otherwise a calamity will be before April, can any one in the USPS work under these conditions?,
    offering a VER now would make business sense, and Congress acting now will help, seems like a set up all the way, with the craft as losers, now or never, Obama best step in, otherwise he will be seen as a Nero, and Rome is burning.

  17. To save post office, lay off 50% management, those high paid idiots do nothing but hang in there to kiss ass / lick up+ abuse employee.

  18. The loss of the Postal Service is worse than many think. It is not just about jobs, this network for as vast as it is is one of the most efficient in the world, and can be used for a lot of things, not just for delivering mail. Eisenhower (Ike) saw wonderous possibilites in the efficiency of a network the Germans used during WWII to transport munitions to the front lines. Eisenhower thought that a network such as the German’s could have unlimited possibilities in the U.S. Ike’s ideas became what is now known as the Interstate system, the internetwork of highways that predominates our country. Although, the traffic on the interstates are sometimes snarled, just think about what would happen if we didn’t have them. It is one of those things we don’t consciously think about until it is gone. The USPS will be another. Our network and method of transport, is complex, but highly efficient, and vary rarely compromised due to the monitoring by dedicated postal workers and the OIG. The internet is not federally regulated, and once the USPS is gone, there will be more frequent attacks on the electronic super highway than ever before. Even the most intelligent computer systems have a backup in case of a crash in the system.

  19. First class mail is a business dominated product. Us common folk could not write enough letters to make an impact at this point. Standard mail is all we have for the most part and it can’t pay the bills. Downgrading service standards is the blow that will open us for either privatization or handover to the competition. The Postal Service would have to retool itself to become competitive. At this point it is too much of a dinosaur to get a grip on its future needs.

  20. why doesnt the post office market first class mail like priority? we have to spend money to make money!

  21. Nobody is talking about the effect on the TSP and economy that this will have. Getting rid of 100,000 plus will surely have an impact on the TSP , when these people withdraw all their funds from the plan, which will in turn affect the economy! This is going to be interesting.

  22. Downgrading overnight delivery is a certain DEATH sentence for the Postal Service.
    I work for the Postal Service and I have seen the volumes dropping. I understand something must be done. I feel Donahoe was put into place to do exactly what he is doing. Does anyone remember how fast Potter retired and Donahoe put into place??? The agenda was put on fast track….He MUST go!!

  23. Don’t be surprised if Donahoe becomes the CEO of the company that replaces the Post Office in delivering 1st class mail.

  24. Well said Bobby. I would never consider using the internet to send my bills. Some things are better left alone, not all changes are good. In fact, it should be part of the job description for anyone working for the USPS to mail their bills instead of paying online. I know a station manager who pays all her bills online. How sad is that? So many things could be done to save money, yet the management at the USPS only knows how to throw money away. How do you “un-brainwash” these people????

  25. To save the Post Office you have to have people incharge that believe in it and want to see it survive. If the Post Office is in such a bad state how have they been able to make all of these overpayments into FERS and CSRS and also prefund the retirees health benifits. Maybe if someone in charge new how to add and subtract then the Post Office would be showing a Profit. But When your on Postmaster is trying to sell you off , mybe to fedx, then you don’t stand much of a chance. The American People will suffer if we loose the USPS. NOT EVERYONE USES THE INTERNET.

  26. Plant reductions that lower service standard for first class amount to zero net affect.
    First class mail is a diminishing product which results in less revenue. Increasing time to affect delivery only increases electronic means of personal and business communication resulting in decreasing revenue. Business advertise and reward for going paperless which will result in further decreasinf First mail.
    The bottomline in cost effective operations is to eliminate Sat. delivery to physical street addresses. Majority of business that send enclosed envelope to return bill payment are addressed to a PO Box.. Sat. street delivery is not revealant in personal or business communication. Majority American public cannot understand why USPS delivers on Sat. as what is delivered is for the most part it is non time sensitive advertising bulk business commonly reffered to as JUNK MAIL..
    Eliminating processing facilities resulting in longer time to affect delivery adds to the SNAIL MAIL seranio which encourages Direct deposit, automatic on line bill payments and connecting instantly without purchase of a postage stamp for a 2-3 delivery time frame is availabe instantly via the INTERNET, I PODS, SMART PHONES and new APPS being constantly available.
    The bottomline in reducing cost which American postal customer favor is eliminating Sat. delivery with no adverse affects iinstead of extending time to deliver first class mail. The snail speed is being reduced which will result in a monatary lost as the few postal customers who have not yet defected to electronic mail use will explore this process.
    Eliminating Sat. street delivery would be cost effective in eliminating 190,000++ vehicles and delivery personnel. Marketing efforts should be directed to increasing parcel and expedited mail services. Advertising commerical are excellent in getting customer attention. The negative factor is customer wait time in line. Retail operations not provided staffing to handle customers at times resulting negative experience and a visit to UPS store. Wait time in level 22 office 10+ minutes 2 retail associates 10 customers in line. Customer service needs attention to get repeat business. 5 day delivery and adequate retail staffing is key to bottomline breakeven point. Reduce cost increase revenue.

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