Thursday’s Postal Closing Hearing for Bronx Stadium Post Office to be Flashpoint for Protest

New York City – December 6, 2011.  Following yesterday’s request by the Postal Service to dismantle its operation and cut back on basic services to the American people, the New York Metro Area Postal Union and community groups are focusing on the upcoming hearings to close post offices in New York City.

Stadium station is located at 951 Gerard Avenue in the Bronx , it serves the community that lives in the shadow of Yankee Stadium and is essential to the people in the community who depend upon the Postal Service the most: the elderly, the disabled, the poor and small business owners.  Stadium Station is one of the 17 post offices in the Bronx out of 34 in New York City that is scheduled to be closed.   There is a growing grass roots movement to protest these closings.

What:   United States Postal Hearing on Closing Stadium Post Office in the Bronx

Where:  The Lobby of Bronx General Post Office 558 Grand Concourse at 149th Street in the Bronx

When:   Thursday, December 8, 2011 from 6pm until 8pm

Who:     Representative of the USPS, community members, union representatives, elected officials

Why:     Input by the community into the closing of Stadium Post Office

The New York Metro Area Postal Union, APWU is in support of Congressman Peter A. Defazio’s call for the firing of Postmaster Patrick R. Donahoe.

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Postal Closing Hearing for Bronx Stadium Post Office to be Flashpoint for Protest

  1. Mike B,, Sorry to disagree. I was a craft employee for 28 years before I became a transportation supervisor. Some of my drivers ARE the bottom of the barrel, only care about the paycheck. They do not care about the customer or how their poor work performance effects their fellow co-worker. They don’t believe that our facility could be one that closes, so they just go along their merry way. Hope they like delivering mail or pushing BMC’s, if it comes to that. I hope it doesn’t.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all.

  2. blah, blah, real erudite of you, Mr Nodine, ( Postal Service self inficted crisis) like Newt the next Prez blowing both nose holes at the same time, all these complex speeches, nice of you, but most of the USPS is dead, there is no resurrection possible, get real !, the Culture of the USPS is an evil culture, greed in upper and lower management, abusive Supervision, hostile work environments are the norm ,and who in a business determines that we have a contract to uphold with firms and box mail customers, but since customers in line for services , have no contract, they can wait, this culture is similar to self mutilation, it is over , offer the early retirements, many of us want to go with our sanity and health, the Unions fight for the dues not the members, otherwise the Unions would see that the best interests of the members lies in letting them go with the early retirements, why go against the wishes of the members?.

  3. All in management need to carry mail for awhile, work Tour 1 automation at least 1 week out of every year for both so they see what it is like in these NEW Times. It should be a requirement. As management seems to have forgotten what the post office really does. Delivers the mails…

  4. kcndc is so right, let’s get rid of this PMG before we are all out of a job! He’s drawing in $800,000 a year for what? He’s not earned a single penny of that salary. How about he carry mail for a while, or work T-1 automation and see what work is really about. I’ve heard he was an LSM clerk, in my opinion that’s not qualifications to run the whole postal system. Obviously he was one of those “bottom of the barrel” types that was lured into management, he was probably one of the least qualified then, and no better now.

  5. Where is our President Obama, and why is he soooooo silent on one of the biggest financial disasters in the history of the US since the Great Depression? He needs to intervene and put a stop to this unnecessary destruction of a 200+ old entity that’s supposed to be respected and protected by the Constitution. Or does he keep silent, because the 7 billion dollar usps overpayment can’t be repaid because he used it to rebuild Afghanistan? hmmmmmm…..yes let’s give our money postal money to support rebuilding a country of people who plot to kill us on a daily basis and put 100,000 of our own out of work. USA is starting to suck!!

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