NALC: Reduced delivery standards will harm USPS

Reduced delivery standards will harm USPS: NALC President Fredric Rolando responded to the Postal Service’s announcement that it plans to reduce delivery standards with the following statement. “We are very concerned about the proposal to reduce delivery standards. High-quality service is essential to preserving the value of our networks and to any future growth strategy. Degrading standards not only hurts the public and the businesses we serve, it’s also counter-productive for the Postal Service because it will drive more people away from using the mail. Changes in service need to be part of a coherent business plan that takes advantage of new opportunities, such as delivering the items people increasingly order online. We urge the Postal Regulatory Commission to review the proposal carefully and act to protect the long-term viability of America’s Postal Service.”

source: NALC

4 thoughts on “NALC: Reduced delivery standards will harm USPS

  1. President Rolando please take your head out of your ass. The reason your against this is it will hurt the service? The reason your against this and every thing else the PMG is asking for is that they’ll be less dues coming in! Look around your office Fred, take a few pictures because the next election your toast. You’ve been rolling over for Donahue and before him Potter all along. You need to strap on a pair and do some thing meaningful before it’s to late. What am I paying you for? Start showing some BALLS and start pushing back! And I don’t mean have a rally on a tuesday afternoon while every ones working.You could start by reaching out to veterans organizations they have a lot of pull and members that stand to be laid off. Have a giant march up Pennslyvania Avenue to the White house. Get the other unions involved and maybe the President will finally pay us some mind!

  2. Hey say what, I enjoy your literary flourish, but screendoors on submarines are NOT ignorable. The new clerk contract has these 1/2 price workers [PSE] and the P O in my area of the USA has a poor retention rate of the PSEs once they find out the type of work they are required to do and the time of day [night] they have to work. The reason the Postal Service pays massive amounts of overtime and penalty pay is because of managements reluctance to hire sufficient numbers of employees to cover work hours. The next day delivery standard, which the Postal Service is trying to kill, is there because Postal customers and mailers want it. Especially the dated periodical/newspaper businesses and its subscribers. Decisions like these do drive people away from using the Postal Service. Not a good business model, though the Postal Service is NOT a business. It is a constitutionally mandated service created to bind the country together by providing universal service to the American people. I will not venture a guess as to what a “fair wage” would be for the carrier workforce, but I can envision USPS negotiators dancin’ on the bar if NALC Rolando proposed a 25% wage cut.

  3. Why is it that the postal service wasn’t having any problems until the pre-funding requirement started? No pre-funding =profit. Acertain segment just wants the usps to go belly-up. Remember it’s a “SERVICE” not a business. Is any other government agency required to make a profit? If so please let me know.

  4. You say it will drive more people away from using the mail………….So now Mr. Rolando, YOU realize people have options. It is about time you as a union leader get your head out of the arses in Washington and get involved in what is really happening within the Postal Services that 203,000 of your members pay you to be involved in. We have all known for quite sometime that there are those that are trying so very hard to destroy the post office from within. YOU cannot see it or YOU will not admit it is true. Your major goal is to keep OBAMA in office, to hell with the dismantling of the service and it’s people. Once they get YOUR big CHECK from OUR DUES, they ignore you like a screen door on a submarine. Get involved in operations and talk to YOUR carriers, you know the ones actually on the front lines. You will learn nothing from Washington. You think your major goal is to get as much as you can in wages and benefits and to collect $5.2 million dollars every two weeks and then throw all that $5.2 million around in Washington circles like it was confetti. I think your job is to negotiate for a FAIR wage and benefit along the lines of the folks that buy stamps and pay our salaries and thereby allow us to remain competitive and allow us to remain employed at a living wage, rather than big reductions and layoffs, that provide no wage at all. Believe me, there are probably 1.000 or more people for every one of us that would literally stand in a line for hours on end just for a shot at getting one of our jobs for less than 1/2 of what we get paid and be very happy at it. We can no longer try to get more blood out of a turnup and bleed the service. We have to get smarter at how we operate. Saturday service is NOT necessary, GOT IT> the whole world operates on a 5 day cycle, Mon-Fri. When a holiday falls on Monday, then Saturday delivery may be an option. We cannot afford to keep paying massive amounts of overtime and penalty pay to try and keep up with delivery standards that we just cannot control or meet. It is like driving from LA to NY, sure if you go the speed limit you will make it in a certain amount of time. If someone drives at twice the speed limit, will they make it in 1/2 the time, MAYBE, and maybe not. They may not make it at all and may kill someone along the way or kill themselves or wind up injured in an accident or in jail etc. and may not make it at all. Yes the same could happen to the safe driver doing the speed limit, but the chances are greater for the other. Was it worth it? NO. Take your time at reasonable costs and do what you are capable of doing, not what you can do while always pushing the envelope.

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