USPS will no longer deliver mail using In-Home-Date windows

From The Postal Service will be filing its service changes with the PRC on 12/5. Among the changes — an adherence to the principle of servicing mail in strict accord with delivery standards, and the abandonment of the targeted “in-home day of delivery” practice within Standard Mail.” Below is the letter sent to customers.

November 29, 2011
RE: in-Home Delivery Dates

Dear Valued Customer:

As the Postal Service strives to become a leaner and more efficient organization, we are looking at every detail of our business and its impact on the level of customer service we provide. Some of our processes are contrary to the guiding principles the Postal Service must follow to be in compliance with our legal mandates.

One area of conflict has become processing mail based on in-home dates instead of our established Service Standards. This conflict has become more prominent as we have worked to establish our Performance Measurement reporting mechanism in accordance with the Postal Accountability Enhancement Act of 2006. This mandate also requires that we self report our performance against these Service Standards to the Postal Regulatory Commission.

To that end, a decision has been reached to process mail based on the following criteria: mail entry location; critical entry time (CET); mail type; and applicable Service Standard. We will no longer be able to stage and deliver mail using In-Home-Date windows. Accordingly, delivery performance will be driven by the appropriate Service Standard for the specific class of mail being entered and the location it is entered.

By following this policy, we are able to better align work methods and processes to ensure mail is processed and delivered in accordance with our published standards. We will continue to work with all customers to achieve delivery to meet their needs as allowed by the service standard being applied.

Mail Alerts will still be accepted by the Business Service Network or through the ADVANCE Notification and Tracking System to be published in the Postal Bulletin. We encourage you to continue to use these communication methods as it notifies our internal operations allowing them to allocate the proper resources for processing and delivery.

We are confident that all efforts will be made to achieve published service standards, as well as provide you with the service you desire and expect. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your Business Service Network or postal contact.

Susan M. LaChance


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7 thoughts on “USPS will no longer deliver mail using In-Home-Date windows

  1. If you want first class service…PAY FOR IT! Red Plums have been a money loser since they were Advos in my DAD’s time. Cost to sort and deliver are NOT covered by monies received. My DAD who worked in finance told them that 30 years ago. He also had a deal worked out with AMC/Jeep to lease right hand JEEPS for carrier vehicles which would replace 1/3 the fleet every year at a 35% savings over the LLVs a year but instead the USPS bought a vehicle from a company that made airplanes for a HUGE cost that are SHIT! Wonder who got the KICKBACK on that DEAL?

  2. The in home date hasn’t meant anything for years anyway, so this is just the USPS catching up to what it has already been doing. Seems the PRC is nothing to the USPS, because if the PRC really investigated, they would find out the USPS as having been ignoring the LAW for a long long time, and nobody has done a thing about it! potter ignored the PAEA, donahoe Ignored and continues to ignore the service standards and now the USPS will officially ignore the in home dates and America’s postal service should now be retitled…the worst postal service in the world.

  3. Duh, it’s about time we are no longer the storage facility for the big mailers. If they want it delivered on a certain day then drop it off a day prior. The clerks and carriers will deliver it without tripping over it for a week at the case. Question to all… Will red plum still get the preferred Tuesday delivery ???

  4. This is another attempt to destroy the post office. Plain and simple the PMG and his bag of incompetents should be fired! How much longer are these nitwits going to make our customers suffer? When is the big businesses going to tell the president either you get rid of him or no more campaign money? I just don’t get it, what about the postal commission?Don’t they have any sway in this? How are companies suppose to plan for sales without dates? What are they going to do send a flyer for a sale and put down guess when? This bull has to stop before we’re totally screwed!

  5. In other words, “The customer will get your ad when they get it. Tough noogies.” We’re definitely kicking our bread n butter employers right in the junk. Yes i typed “employers” because w/o big-name advertisers we’re doomed. If the post office doesn’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Telling our cash cow to go “milk itself” isn’t a bright idea.

  6. That way they can delay as long as they like. Common practice. If workers delay the mail they get disciplined, possibly fired, if management does it they get promoted.

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