Congressman Issa’s Vista office evacuated after bomb scare

WASHINGTON. D.C. – U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, released the following statement about a phone call and suspicious item left outside the Vista, California, 49thCongressional District Office earlier today:

“Shortly after 1 pm PST today, my district office received a phone call. During this call, a staff member was told that something had been left outside that would explode.  My district office staff immediately contacted the San Diego County Sheriff’s office and was thereafter evacuated from the office along with other occupants of the building.  The phone call followed a protest at my district office of individuals associated with and Occupy North County as well as individuals participating in a counter protest.

“I understand the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office has determined that the item left behind does not pose an actual threat.  All staff members who were working in the office today are safe and I understand no other individuals have been harmed in this incident.

“I deeply appreciate the efforts of those from the San Diego County Sheriff’s office and the Vista Fire Department who responded to this incident.  I will certainly assist them, as requested, as they continue their investigation of what happened and who is responsible.”

Rep. Issa’s Congressional District office is located at 1800 Thibodo Rd. in Vista, California.  As the House of Representatives was in session today, Rep. Issa is currently in Washington, D.C.

Congressman’s Vista office evacuated because of bomb scare –

15 thoughts on “Congressman Issa’s Vista office evacuated after bomb scare

  1. Sounds like your normal APWU steward response. Typical thug union mentality when you can’t punch your way out of a paper bag. But wait….didn’t APWU donate money to the Issa campaign? Do their members know this?

  2. Sorry, meant to say if he wasn’t in Congress. But then again the American public would be safer if he was NOT in Congress.

  3. He is the MOST dishonest person in Congress. He has AMASSED a HUGE fortune since being in Congress. Read the NEW YORK TIMES expose on him. Insider trading, he would be in jail if he was a Congressman.

  4. “Why put this on this web site?”

    Why is it even news? We get the yellow snow left behind by the homeless, truck drivers you name it all the time and we’ve had bomb scares before.Just another day.Its the used rubbers i hate the most, something exploded alright.

    Drama Queens?

  5. Why put this on this web site? Postal employees didn’t do this, it’s like the reporter is trying to incite us in to saying something that could get us in trouble or incite us to utter threats to Rep. Issa. He’s not worth it!

  6. Postal Workers should thank the activists from Occupy and for
    demonstating against our arch enemy, Issa the unionbuster. But why aren’t
    Postal unionists demonstrating in front of this rat’s office every day?

  7. Great posting, msfaye2u! It’s unfortunate that someone would resort to something like this….unfortunate, but not surprising.

  8. I can’t believe what i’m reading! Who would do such a thing to the Honorable Congressman Issa????? Am i really shocked at this, HELL NO!!!!!! Fuck that worthless, union busting, middle class, privatization, veteran hater COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!

    I just realized he represents San Diego County… WOW!!! Isn’t that the largest port for illegal aliens… I always have to laugh at politicians that always have the answers or know what to do for business or policies.. But they can never help or solve their problems in their own backyard!!!! I’m sure the hard working Taxpayers of San Diego County really enjoy paying for all the free benefits that the illegal aliens receive… You make me sick ISSA!!!! And don’t you have two Military installations in your district… Hmmmm.. And your House Bill 2309 wants to lay- off 25,000 or more veterans.. That’s definitely one way to develop enemies, ASSHOLE!!!!!

  9. i wonder if the sheriffs office and fire department were union workers getting paid by the state. or are they independent contractors who are private companies who get paid pennies on the dollar. or are their jobs being elimated because the fire and sheriffs department are old and outdated and should be privatized because technology and robo cop should replace them. watch out fire/sheriff department you may be on the target list too.

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