5 thoughts on “Protesters interrupt PMG Donahoe’s speech At National Press Club

  1. The Postmaster General, along with this, previous executive board needs to be investigated and fired for gross misconduct.
    He, along with Potter ran the PO into the ground, while golden parachuting themselves into their golden years

  2. I heard today that this ahole said in a telecom that there is no money to do an early out because he doesn’t know how the po is going to continue to meet payroll. I have an idea you stupied ass, get back all of the $80,000.00 bonus check you gave your stupied vp’s. You are a piece of shit.

  3. What an ass hole. Typical of what we have seen of this jerk before. He will be just fine after he gets all the the actural workers out of his way.

  4. I heard the protesters during Donahue’s speech, it was great!!!! Rank and File all of us have to band together (mail handlers, carriers, clerks, VMF) to keep or own
    PMG from selling us out. I’m proud to be a Union Postal Employee, Hey Ho, Hey Ho Donahue Has Got To Go !!!!!! This is a fight for our life, don’t let this man destroy USPS.

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