APWU: Are Those Posted Duty Assignments Desirable?

The Collective Bargaining Agreement obligates the Postal Service to make “every effort” to create desirable duty assignments from “all available work hours for career employees” when management posts full-time Clerk Craft assignments for bid, Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk is reminding union members.

“‘Every effort’ means just that,” he noted. “A local manager cannot be excused from the requirement to post desirable schedules simply because his boss or someone at the District level insists that all Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments must be established with 35 hours per week or less,” he said.

“All available work hours” also means just what it says, Strunk notes: All work hours – including overtime, hours worked by Postal Support Employees (PSEs), hours worked by part-time flexibles from other offices, and cross-craft hours — must be considered when management creates new NTFT assignments. The contractual language clearly requires management to consider “all available work hours,” not “earned hours,” which are generated by management computer models.

But what are “desirable duty assignments?” It is easy to surmise that an assignment with five 8-hour days and weekends off is more desirable than five 6-hour days with split days off. But are four 10-hour days more desirable than five 8-hour days?

Ultimately, the question of desirability will be answered by members of the Clerk Craft. Each time employees choose to bid — whether by computer, telephone, or through the manual bid box — they are telling management and the union what they consider “desirable duty assignments.”

2 thoughts on “APWU: Are Those Posted Duty Assignments Desirable?

  1. two days off in a row wether it be sat/sun sun/mon friday/sat 6 days 6 hours a day is not working. its bs. it doesnt work and why do they want to treat the employees like this. it only makes them work with an attitude. happy workers r so much more productive. Why have postmasters? they dont have any control over the office they are in charge of. they are trying to run every office the same. they issue an order. doesnt matter if its two clerks short already. they post 6 hour a day 6 days a week ntft assignments. 22 office. leaves one regular left at 9:00am. first class letters dont get finished. the regular left is working 7 days a week. 60 to 70 hours a week. Management is doing clerk work for 2-4 hours a day and borrowed ptf clerk is used along with a PSE (he works 60-70/week), a PSE borrowed from another station gets another 20 plus hours. grievances will be filed and the NFTY clerks who have worked 2 weeks now only getting 35-36 hours a week are going to get free money. meanwhile that regular is at work more than at home and is starting to feel a little burned out. Did I mention the NFTY clerks are all confused and frustrated because management is blatantly disregarding the contract that they just agreed to. So unhappy clerks means less productivity. Lots and lots of delayed mail and things like certifieds and parcels are failing to get second notices and nixie mail sits for days. I DONT THINK ITS WORKING!!!!! Is Donohue really that dense? Please Help me understand how they think this is goinna work?

  2. I feel 10 hrs 4 days a week is most desireable as long as it doesn’t come with split days off. Split days off will only cause more call ins.

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