USPS, Mail Handlers enter final week of contract negotiations

before November 20th deadline

The bargaining teams for the National Postal Mail Handlers Union and the United States Postal Service have now entered the final week of negotiations, with their current collective bargaining agreement set to expire at midnight on Sunday, November 20th. The parties are meeting at both the main table and subcommittee levels, and continue to discuss a wide array of topics, concepts, proposals, and counterproposals. While it is too early to predict whether a negotiated settlement will be reached by the contract deadline, the NPMHU bargaining team will continue to explore all options in an effort to reach agreement on a contract that will serve the NPMHU membership now and into the future.

Please stay tuned to the NPMHU website for additional Contract Updates as the bargaining process continues.

4 thoughts on “USPS, Mail Handlers enter final week of contract negotiations

  1. There are employees in all crafts who work the system and do as little as possible to get by, including management. This, I believe, is the exception to the rule. The majority of mail handlers and clerks I work with are hard working, conscientious employees, who care about their job, the work that they do and providing good service to our customers.

    Yet, in my personal experience, the “lazy” employees you speak of, many have gone where there is little work to do…management. I actually had one person say to me when their job was going to be abolished in the near future, “Of course I’m going to be a supervisor, with my seniority I’d have to work on the DBCS’s.”

    I don’t know if they naturally feel that they are superior to craft employees or they are taught that. They made a CHOICE to become a supervisor. They did not get a promotion because they were the best qualified…they CHOSE to go into management.

    I wish my brothers and sisters in the NPMHU good luck in their contract negotiations. It is my hope that you can negotiate and agreement without having to go to arbitration.

    All that being said, we are ALL Postal Employees and we ALL should be concetrating on the bills before congress that are seeking to do away with, or greatly alter, ALL of our jobs. It is the pre-funding that is bringing the Postal Service down. I can see it. You can see it. Why is it, congress can’t see it?

  2. I am a longtime Mailhandler, waiting for incentive to get the hell out!! What is happening with the screwed up Postal Service is long overdue, what a totally screwed up organization – my god!! From ignorant supervisors to so many useless lazy employees. Things do need to change dramatically, it’s about time.

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