OIG: USPS Should Offer eMailboxes To Consumers

An Opportunity for the Postal Service?

Out of 23 posts in industrialized countries, the U.S. Postal Service is one of the few remaining posts not offering an eMailbox solution to its citizens. And while there are private sector technology industry standouts in the U.S. that have developed widely popular e-mail and secure storage services, their business models sacrifice consumer privacy in the interest of ad-based revenue generation.

In an increasingly digital world, it may make sense for the Postal Service to offer eMailbox services in addition to traditional delivery. A consumer would also be able to sign up for an accompanying highly secure data storage area service called the eLockbox, which would provide added security for the archiving of important legal and personal documents with anytime, anywhere secure access. Today many electronic documents, especially financial records, reside primarily on the banks or billers Web site and not with the consumer.

Offering eMailboxes to Consumers: An Opportunity for the Postal Service? | USPS OIG:

One thought on “OIG: USPS Should Offer eMailboxes To Consumers

  1. I suggested 5 years ago that every Post Office in the US should have an internet koisk for customers to use. You could sell them time like $1 for 5 minutes and provide *****.usps.com email addresses for people. Sell ads while they are using the machines and limit access so they can’t use it for illedit uses. Of course, the USPS is TOO late with everyone having Smartphones. We sold phone cards when people were buying their first cellphones, lost a great market there. Every phone company in America would have gave up their first born to sell their services out of every Post Office. That was then and NOW IS STILL DUMB. Close up the ONLY advantage we have location location and location! Get your FREE storage @ GOOGLE.

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