Mandatory Overtime to End Soon for Many APWU-Represented Employees

Beginning Nov. 23, 2011, mandatory overtime will end for many APWU-represented employees.

In accordance with the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, full-time regular career Clerk Craft and Motor Vehicle Craft employees who work in an installation and functional area with Non-Traditional Full-Time assignments cannot be required to work overtime (except in an emergency), unless they are on the Overtime Desired List. If just one clerk in any station or branch occupies a NTFT duty assignment, clerks working in Function 4 throughout the installation cannot be required to work mandatory overtime unless they are on the OTDL. If only one clerk in mail processing occupies a NTFT duty assignment, then no non-OTDL clerks in Function 1 can be required to work mandatory overtime.

There is no “December exception” for this mandatory overtime prohibition.

“Emergencies” are defined in Article 3 as, “An unforeseen circumstance or a combination of circumstances which calls for immediate action in a situation which is not expected to be of a recurring nature.”

APWU News Bulletin 29-2011, Nov. 9, 2011

8 thoughts on “Mandatory Overtime to End Soon for Many APWU-Represented Employees

  1. Did you see the tremendous groundswell of support from the 20 union members that picketed Issa’s office? Oh yeah…out of the 20 postal union members, 7 were from other non-postal unions! We need more support like this! Occupy 1300 L Street in Washington DC! And…keeping dem dues!

  2. Postal Slave, Please move you and your whole office to Shreveport Louisiana and you can work all the OT you can possibly want (AND MORE) We would LOVE to have you!

  3. So, now that those workers who worked 5, 10 or more years of forced overtime (not on the OT desired list) and have work-related injuries, management wants to follow WHAT IS ALREADY IN THE CONTRACT? AT the same time, Congress is looking to cut disability payments. Once again, leadership, AT ALL LEVELS, wants the working class to be responsible for their destructive decisions.

  4. In other words, nothing will change. With the management that runs the post office everyday is an emergency.

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