APWU: Posting Non-Traditional Full-Time Assignments

In Customer Service Operations

An agreement [PDF] between the APWU and USPS dated Nov. 10, 2011, outlines the procedure for posting Non-Traditional Full-Time duty assignments in Customer Service operations. The agreement lists the steps that must be taken before management can post the assignments, as well as the information the Postal Service must provide to local union representatives.

Posting USPS Non-Traditional Full-Time Assignments

One thought on “APWU: Posting Non-Traditional Full-Time Assignments

  1. guffey you opened the door you jerk, the boston area voted it down a moron could see what would happen, you sold out the future of us and let the mailhanders and carries to deal with the crap contract you put in front of us, u basicly suk and i mean that along with a lot of others we said this would happen when we read it u double suk i hav 30 years in and what i saw from the crap contract is , i get and early out new hires get screwed and you jacoffs get money from the new hires for a health plan, you don; get it you screwed yourselfs it does’ nt work that way

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