USPS Announces Pay Freeze for Management & Administrative Employees

To help reduce costs, the Postal Service today announced it is freezing Postmaster, manager, administrative and supervisor pay for fiscal years 2011 and 2012. USPS also is changing its sick and annual leave earnings formulas for new hires in these positions.

Effective Jan. 14, 2012, individuals hired from outside the Postal Service as supervisory or managerial employees or as Postmasters will accrue annual and sick leave at different rates than current employees (see table below). The accrual rate for current employees in these positions — as well as current employees who are promoted to these categories in the future — will not change.

This action follows decisions made earlier this year, including an officer and executive pay freeze implemented in July. Last spring, the American Postal Workers Union, which represents 209,834 employees, agreed to a two-year pay freeze and other provisions that will save the Postal Service $3.8 billion over the term of the negotiated labor agreement.

Today’s announcement affects nearly 62,000 Executive and Administrative Schedule (EAS) category employees, including more than 44,000 represented by the Postal Service’s three management associations. The National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS) represents 23,385 supervisory and managerial employees. The National Association of Postmasters of the United States (NAPUS) and the National League of Postmasters of the United States (NLPM) represent 13,741 and 7,271 Postmasters, respectively.

Today’s announcement follows pay consultations with those associations. USPS consults with management associations on pay and benefit packages. Postal Service management employees do not have access to collective bargaining.

The wage freeze also applies to 17,439 additional EAS employees not represented by management associations.

Formula for Earning Sick and Annual Leave (calculated by years of service)

New Hires
(Effective Jan. 14, 2012)

Current Employees

Annual Leave

10 days if less than 5 years

13 days if less than 3 years

15 days if 5 years
but less than 15 years

20 days if more than 3 years
and less than 15 years

20 days if 15 years or more

26 days if more than 15 years

Sick Leave

3 hours per pay period

4 hours per pay period

Note:  One pay period equals two weeks. There are 26 pay periods per year.
source: USPS News Link

13 thoughts on “USPS Announces Pay Freeze for Management & Administrative Employees

  1. Postmaster jobs should be reduced as officies are closed or consolidated.
    Smal officies ocated within 3 miles of level 22 office with only boxes and retail is not cost effective nor determinal to service issue. Districts that fail to do so need attention and there are officies that should be closed or consolidated but PM is active in Postmaster league or ASSOCIATION. Clerks- carriers have to adjust to change.

  2. Now, I figured reading this thread there would be a TON of management bashing. I can definitely agree with most comments of those sorts because I see all the fraud, misuse, and waste by alot of my counterparts. However, please know that there ARE some good Managerial employees left. There are some out there that fight for what is right and try to get all of Upper Management to follow the contracts (or to point them in the direction in letting them know there even IS one for each craft!) This isn’t the first pay freeze for EAS and I will say with the comment of job eliminations for EAS never happening…its not so. I was a Manager for 9 years–and I work. I work myself to death. I fight for whats right! So–we know where that gets me…an EEO against the Postmaster for treating me differently–and no, I’m not a minority! (just figured that would be the next assumption) I was “demoted” and am now having to do all of the work of a Postmaster who was demoted from her position who has never stepped foot in a Post Office before. Now, when I’ve given the best performance of my career–which would not equal to thousands of dollars more per pay per year–there is a pay freeze. I have an all rural office (lucky there at least!) But, its difficult that I am watching carriers leave at decent times on a daily basis to go actually have lives with their families and I am staying at work to finish all of these moronic reports and finish the work my boss cannot do until 730pm or even 8pm or later. Upper Management is where the problem lies for never holding anyone accountable. If they held Mgrs/PMs/Supvs accountable for big grievance payouts or even acted like we treated people the way all of our crazy handbooks say we believe we “should”…it would’nt be nearly the problem. The Post Office has been my life for over 17 years–unfortunately—17 long, miserable, blood, sweat, and tears years where no appreciation is given and daily you wonder which part of your vertebrae the knife will be slammed in.
    All EAS are not the devil–just wanted to point that out! I don’t want any employee to ever lose their jobs. The APWU new contract has assisted in not displacing clerks. NALC is one of the best unions around. The little contact I’ve had with the NRLCA has not been that impressive…but OH–how I wish I had a union!! NAPS is the biggest joke I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!

  3. we currently have 110,000 po mismanagers. 479,000 workers. & 90,000 workers on limited/lite/IOD= 389,000 abled bodied workers.

    1 po mismanager for 3.9 workers is way out of wack. should be a ratio of 1 to 25
    get rid of 90,000 slackers-put them on disability before you hire PSE’s & 80,000 mismanagers can be eliminated(sales people who do not sell & marketing people who do not market etc)=rightsized!

    pay freeze? PFP bounus scam freeze?

  4. melanie, i am a rural carrier, i have had no raise for three years now, no cola, and to kep from taking a 8k$/year pay cut after the sham , fixed mail counts of 2008. 2011 i had to give up two of my four days a month off[ not counting sundays] that is 24 more days a year now, — so i now work the equivalent of 13 months a year for what i was marking in 2007 – imo, managewrs need to be removed by about 50,000 and pay reduced for the rest by 10- 15 % until this crsis is over [ no doubt right after nov. 2012 elections]

  5. I’m management and this means I get no pay increase for the next 3 years. Not even a cost of living increase – as my bills and taxes go up. All this does is bring the economy down more. Less money in the hands of the consumer, less spent. Stores sell less goods and services so they employ less. I won’t complain because like most people I’m grateful to have a job. The Post Office isn’t perfect, but what job is? For those employees who trash the company that pays your mortgage and puts your kids through college – you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s bad enough we have the general public trashing us as a whole – to add to the criticism while you’re collecting a USPS paycheck is pathetic.

  6. Get back on your knees in your supervisor’s office, toadie. You butt licking, free loading scabs make me sick. The f**king dead weight is all the useless dickhead EAS and their even more useless suck up scab ass kissers.

  7. Why is it the craft is always crying like a bunch of babies? You wouldnt get a LOW if you did your damn job like you are ordered to or maybe show up to work once in a while. Go try the private sector and watch your asses get fired. BUST THE UNION and get rid of the dead weight craft and let the workers that are still dedicated get the job done. This is your job, you asked to be hired so do your freaking job and shut your mouth!!

  8. If they’re not topped out, they will still get increases and if they are topped out they will just change their job title so they will continue to get more money. For those of us that have been around awhile, we know how it works. It wasn’t too long ago that they eliminated several management positions. Did anybody get fired or demoted? All I saw was the job title on the office doors got changed and in most cases that came with a promotion to boot. Just a shell game to play with numbers. These are the tactics that have helped drive us into the hole we are in and nobody in a position to change it will because they don’t care as long as their own ass is covered. Management always takes the path of what will be the least work for them. That is why they love to give our work away to contract stations, hear no grievances, see no sick leave, hear no ideas for any change even if it means more profits unless they don’t have to do anything but say OK. From what I’ve seen over the 33 years I served, was a worthless bunch of back stabbing liars, that have no idea of how to run any kind of business of any kind and should not even have a job. I’ve met plant managers that were so stupid they get lost in airports on the way to worthless meetings. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to seat in on those meeting, you would know that they can not make any kind of decision about anything and it usually ends with just scheduling another meeting as an excuse to get together to BS again. Any money budgets are spent on worthless crap so as not to get next years budget cut. Why not move everyone around to new offices? Get all new furniture and new paint schemes. It doesn’t come out of their pockets so sky’s the limit. Pay freeze, really? Tell somebody who might buy that line of crap. That’s like saying we will never rearrange the carrier cases. Over my postal career, must have been involved with hundreds of this will be the last move ideas. They are all morons running the place in the ground and getting the big money to do it.

  9. You think the work room floor is hostile now wait until this starts taking place. Supervisors will be on the war path after this. You know how it works, they’ll need some one to take this out on. Guess who? And the pmg is gonna use this on the craft employees, ” Hey look at management their taking no raises to help the post office thru these hard times.” ” If they can do it so can’t you.” Wait and see.

  10. screw management! they dont deserve any pay increase. they intentionally violate the contract wasting the usps’ money. they should have to pay the cost of these resolved grievances out of their own pockets! i’ll bet they wouldnt issue rediculous l.o.w.’s if that were the case. the workers deserve raises. not the do-nothing managers and postmasters!

  11. The postmaster’s free health care should be eliminated or be taxed it is an undeserved perk to a chosen few

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