Summary of Discussion On Markup of 21st Century Postal Service Act

Post summary (non-verbatim) of comments offered at the markup of S1789, The 21st Century Postal Service Act

Senator Carl Levin:

Amendment: On the transparency of contracts between the USPS and contractors. I was told I can’t look at the contracts the USPS has with UPS and Fedex. The only person who can see the contracts is the House subcommittee chairman with postal oversight responsibility. This is offensive to the Senate. This amendment very simply that UPS cannot enter into a contract with the USPS without Senate oversight. Passed.

Senator Tom Coburn:

We were here five years ago. We thought the USPS would be fixed. We’re making the same mistake again by not allowing the Postal Service to run as a business. We’re going to be back again, because this bill won’t fix it. You have got to let the USPS do what it needs to do, such as go to five-day delivery. We’re putting the USPS on a path to a slow death.

To not allow the Postal Service to close the facilities they think they need to close ensures the USPS will not succeed.

If we want them to compete, then give them to tools they need.

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